Saturday, November 28, 2009

French Site Opens!

The French version of the Winx Club game site opened. HERE's the link for French enjoyment. I noticed they had a section for the Magazine. The English site doesn't have this, it has a Tutorial/FAQ there instead. Interesting. I'm guessing they're still working out some quirks, like with the English site when it opened. Bloom's text bubbles have all been translated and it seems like most, if not all, of the game is too.


  1. Superbe!!! Finally other languages =D Wish I wasn't too lazy to sign up there too xD
    It used to be a lot easier when you had to create one account for all language x-x

    The magazine section isn't clickable though D=

    I've read @ m4e that the site's game opens officialy in 2010. I'm not sure if they mean the German version or overal, but if it's the second that would explain the glitches now o-o

  2. Thats Great im taking French this year
    and I could also Sign up and Learn More lol
    but thats really kool, Thats anyone can tell me how to look at my messages in here

  3. wow... but i hope got english one .....
    is better than nothing...

  4. could someone please tell me what the code is for pink coins on the english site? i keep freezing for 30 minutes

  5. There is no code yet... that thing doesn't work! But if you want coins you CAN buy them. It's 5$ for 100 coins.

  6. oh thanks because i kept using the code thingy and kept freezing