Thursday, October 22, 2009

Regarding Season 4 With Subtitles

Posted by wkw427 (BanjoGate) on Magix Club -

I have a life
Bub has a life
Bub is translating and with a life, the translation is down on her priority list. I'm sorry to say that studying for her exams and working so that she can eat are more important than translating a cartoon.
I'm a senior in highschool. turns out that getting good grades so I can go to a tech school is more important then embedding subtitles for a cartoon.

This is not to say that we won't be doing them, we will. Bub has about half of the new episode translated and it will probably take me two or three days to embed the subs.

So please, in the kindest sense of telling you, quit asking! It will be done!

If you want to ask, post in the subtitle thread.. Any updates will be posted there. Please, stop.

Please give him and Bub time to translate.

On another note, BanjoGate posted this this morning -

Bub has given me episode 14 translation so the eta for the next one is SOON

So, we'll be seeing it soon!