Saturday, October 24, 2009

Episode 17

Hmm...a lot of things have happened since I've left for Stratford and after watching up to the most recent episodes, I have determined some things that have been confusing us all since April.

1) This is Nebula:
She is, according to Morgana, a very powerful fairy. Of course, this can be up to debate since I do not truly speak Italian but understand it through French and Spanish.

2) This is Morgana, Queen of the Earth Fairies:

3) Tir Nan Og is a Irish mythological other world. It roughly means 'land of youth.' Tir Nan Og is a land that the Tuatha De Danann fled to when the Milesians came and settled in Ireland. After that, the Tuatha De left for some unfanthomable reason. Tuatha De Danann were a mythological race of people in Irish mythology that were mainly seen as a race of 'fairies' in fiction. The Milesians were basically the Gaelic Celts, i.e. humans. Tir Nan Og is seen as an island of peace and paradise.

4) All of these fairies are pretty dark in design. I wonder why? I know revenge can do some nasty things to you emotionally but physically and stylisly? At the aproximate time that these fairies would have trapped themselves in the White Circle, I do not think that they would have access to these kind of clothes let alone high heels. At the time, only the rich had shoes.

5) Isn't this fairy a little interesting? She has a staff just like another fairy that we all know--Stella, that is. I wonder if we will ever see that scepter again. The chances of that are very slim.

6) As for this woman, I actually thought she would be a mermaid because of her looks from the opening theme.
It seems that she might be a fairy with some plant-based flowers judging from the mayhem she causes in the preview. I've curious about this fairy now. There seems to be a little bit of a Hawaiian theme about her.


  1. What a world of questions there are......about winx club.

  2. That staff looks like, Chimera's, only longer.

  3. Well Kiku, maybe when fairies were on Earth it was advanced, like Magix, but advanced for that time, so like us now. just a theory. Also, I know that it wasn't really like that in, like, the 1700's.

  4. Ian: Yeah, I was thinking that too. I bet Zenith was even more advanced though.

    Anonymous: The staff looks exactly like Chimera's!

  5. The girl on the far right of the 4th picture looks like Roxy! O.O

  6. Thre is also a Tecna-esque girl in the front, and a Bloom-esque girl in front of the Roxy-esque girl.

  7. where is the french episodes??? (season 4)

    if there is...

    i don't understand italian but rough on french

  8. Ian,
    I get what you mean but it still does not fit the alibi of a good and righteous fairy. Why would you keep such things away from the rest of humanity? Anyways, it's just a giant whooping continuity error on the designers part. Why could they not have given them enchantix-esque outfits instead eludes me.

    Layla n Amentia,
    Zenith is a completely different planet that could have started civilisation long before Earth did in Mesopotamia.

  9. nebula looks like musa except the hair.The fairy at her back looks alot like flora

  10. now all we have to do is figure out who the fairy in the opening is! the one in the white outfit! (maybe whenever she comes the girls will use their snow outfits!

  11. Kiku,
    Maybe the designers wanted to give the earth faries a difrent look. I agree with you they sould have enchatix-like outfits, it would fit the fairies more than those outfites they wearing.

    Some of the outfits look more like the one from W.I.T.C.H. that guardains wear. Did anyone else notice this?

  12. @Kikurukina Bal Des'cagel (Wow, long name.)

    Yeah, I agree COMPLETELY! I don't really know why they did that. I was just trying to go inside the mind of Rainbow...:)

  13. W.i.t.c.h. Reagan (the new w.i.t.c.h. I wish)October 29, 2009 at 12:44 PM

    Some of the outfits look more like the one from W.I.T.C.H. that guardians wear.

    In case you don't know what they look like, here they are:

    I just wanted to show y'all.

  14. I am familiar with WITCH. I had started reading the French comics back in elementary until my grocery stopped ordering them.

  15. hello i am laurinda and i dont like morgana. And the fairy blond she is the fairy of winter i saw all her body and in the new power of winx they will be coverd.

  16. Nebula is a powerful fairy, but if you saw episode 23 you'd know that Bloom is stronger. The two practically fight to the death! Most hardcore winx episode yet.

  17. if any one knows a website i can watch winx club season 4 episode 17
    language- english or dutch

    it would be really nice
    let me know

  18. is ep 17inenglish yet

  19. The staff she's holding looks more like Chimera's staff.

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