Saturday, October 31, 2009

Greek Believix With English Subtitles!

Quite pretty, in my opinion. The lyrics are quite different from the Italian version...

Fairies of 'Ether'?

'Fate etere.' That is what I understood. Literally, it translates as the 'Ether Fairies.' Now, what is 'ether?' Let's pull up and look:

  1. Any of a class of organic compounds in which two hydrocarbon groups are linked by an oxygen atom.
  2. A volatile, highly flammable liquid, C2H5OC2H5, derived from the distillation of ethyl alcohol with sulfuric acid and used as a reagent and solvent. It was formerly used as an anesthetic. Also called diethyl ether, ethyl ether.
  3. The regions of space beyond the earth's atmosphere; the heavens.
  4. The element believed in ancient and medieval civilizations to fill all space above the sphere of the moon and to compose the stars and planets.
  5. Physics. An all-pervading, infinitely elastic, massless medium formerly postulated as the medium of propagation of electromagnetic waves.

Scientific definitions aside, I have a feeling that these fairies live beyond the boundaries of space and time or something just as poetic (this is Helia's forte). At the same time, don't these fairies kind of look familiar? As in, maybe this fairy from the Red Tower/Golden Kingdom? The concept is there.

This fairy also described the Crystal Labyrinth as a place where time bends so it is possible that this fairy is somehow related to the 'Ether' Fairies.

And what about these gifts of destiny that these fairies are talking about?

The first gift was the gift of wisdom (the flowers) and the second gift was the gift of the 'credo lo cuore,' roughly to 'believe in yourself' (the hearts). I wonder what the third gift will be.

Friday, October 30, 2009

More New Doll Sets!

Thanks again to Josee!

MORE dolls!

 Even Roxy gets a dress in this set, go figure!

The Last Fairy of the White Circle?

So, the question to finally ask is: who is this fairy?

We've already determined who Nebula is, who Diana is and who Morgana is but there is still this fur-lined cloak-carrying blonde blue-eyed fairy.

She seems to have a wintery theme about her just by the cloak and the Winx do have a winter wonderland outfit in the Outfits section of the blog that we have yet to see appear in the show. I wonder where she will bring us. Maybe the Artic? Antarctica? Finland? Russia? Canada? Mt. Everest? Some invisible kingdom above a Tibetan temple in the mountains? Only time and probably episode twenty-two or twenty-three will tell.

Subtitles for Episode Fourteen!

Yup, the subtitles for episode 14 are finally here! Embedding has been disabled by request as per usual, so just click HERE to see the first part. He hasn't uploaded the other two parts due to complications, but he says he'll upload them today according to the video.

Bubamara, BanjoGate's translator, says she's working hard on episode 15.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scrapbook and Baby Pictures!!!

Just released on the official Italian Winx Club site are younger pictures of Aisha, Stella and Bloom!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winx Sophiex

A part of that 'Beyond Believix' mentioned in episode 18. Yuppers, apparently there are more transformations on the way.

On the name, I've seen it both ways and until there's an official statement, we're left to wonder.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Diana, the Fairy of Nature

This is Diana.

So, she is a fairy of nature just like Flora. Interesting, no? Apparently, she is very powerful because even Flora struggles against her magic. Can't wait to see how the girls will deal with her when they travel to the Amazon in episode nineteen. Good luck, Flora!

Beyond Believix?

At the end of episode 18, the Winx girls have a nice little discussion with Faragonda, presumably about the captured Specialists. In this conversation, Faragonda mentions the "oltre Believix" (thanks Kiku!), to which the Winx display VERY shocked faces. On the name, the English translation would be approximately "Beyond Belieivx"

What is this Beyond Believix? An add-on to Believix akin to Charmix? Or it is a completely new transformation with a new outfit and everything?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dutch Opening!

Winx, een nieuw begin
Vriendschap tot het eind
Samen hand in hand, want we vechten voor de vrijheid
Winx, t is geen fantasie en je voelt de magie
Als je dromen wilt geloven

Elke dag, zijn we er weer
Elke dag, een hoofdstuk uit een sprookjesboek
Na Ieder woord, wil je weer meer ( veel meer)
Het is waar het avontuur wacht om de hoek
Als je dromen wilt geloven

Winx, een nieuw begin
Vriendschap tot het eind
Samen hand in hand, want we vechten voor de vrijheid
Winx, je voelt je oké en je maakt het mee
Als je dromen wilt geloven

Winx, het spel begint
en liefde wint
Samen hand in hand, zoek de waarheid in je dromen
Winx, je vliegt je bent vrij
Het gaat nooit voorbij

t is een magisch iets voor jou en mij
t is een magisch iets voor jou en

Lyrics courtesy of Enchantixclubo1

Episode 14: Subs!

Our fave YouTube user, BanjoGate, has posted a preview of the subbed version of episode 14! This'll only be up for a few days, so watch it while you can!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Polish Believix!

Episode 17

Hmm...a lot of things have happened since I've left for Stratford and after watching up to the most recent episodes, I have determined some things that have been confusing us all since April.

1) This is Nebula:
She is, according to Morgana, a very powerful fairy. Of course, this can be up to debate since I do not truly speak Italian but understand it through French and Spanish.

2) This is Morgana, Queen of the Earth Fairies:

3) Tir Nan Og is a Irish mythological other world. It roughly means 'land of youth.' Tir Nan Og is a land that the Tuatha De Danann fled to when the Milesians came and settled in Ireland. After that, the Tuatha De left for some unfanthomable reason. Tuatha De Danann were a mythological race of people in Irish mythology that were mainly seen as a race of 'fairies' in fiction. The Milesians were basically the Gaelic Celts, i.e. humans. Tir Nan Og is seen as an island of peace and paradise.

4) All of these fairies are pretty dark in design. I wonder why? I know revenge can do some nasty things to you emotionally but physically and stylisly? At the aproximate time that these fairies would have trapped themselves in the White Circle, I do not think that they would have access to these kind of clothes let alone high heels. At the time, only the rich had shoes.

5) Isn't this fairy a little interesting? She has a staff just like another fairy that we all know--Stella, that is. I wonder if we will ever see that scepter again. The chances of that are very slim.

6) As for this woman, I actually thought she would be a mermaid because of her looks from the opening theme.
It seems that she might be a fairy with some plant-based flowers judging from the mayhem she causes in the preview. I've curious about this fairy now. There seems to be a little bit of a Hawaiian theme about her.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Regarding Season 4 With Subtitles

Posted by wkw427 (BanjoGate) on Magix Club -

I have a life
Bub has a life
Bub is translating and with a life, the translation is down on her priority list. I'm sorry to say that studying for her exams and working so that she can eat are more important than translating a cartoon.
I'm a senior in highschool. turns out that getting good grades so I can go to a tech school is more important then embedding subtitles for a cartoon.

This is not to say that we won't be doing them, we will. Bub has about half of the new episode translated and it will probably take me two or three days to embed the subs.

So please, in the kindest sense of telling you, quit asking! It will be done!

If you want to ask, post in the subtitle thread.. Any updates will be posted there. Please, stop.

Please give him and Bub time to translate.

On another note, BanjoGate posted this this morning -

Bub has given me episode 14 translation so the eta for the next one is SOON

So, we'll be seeing it soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Dolls!

Aren't these new Italian dolls cute? Roxy's is a dance theme, and the other two are Magic Friends. Roxy is sporting her newest fairy-training outfit, and the Magic Friends dolls have the outfits they wore when the first arrived in Gardenia!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Even More Roxy Pics!

Just when we thought we'd seen them all...

Friday, October 16, 2009

French Opening!

And, courtesey of winxlewanty, here are the lyrics!

Winx! Nous revoici
Winx! Toujours amies.
Nous luttons ensemble et l'amour nous donne la magie.
WINX! Ce dont vous rêvez devient réalité.
C'est le pouvoir de believix.
Chaque jours on va s'amuser.
Chaque jour on vit dans un compte de fées.
Loin du mal, des ombres d'ici-bas
c'est notre lumière qui triomphera
grâce au pouvoir de believix.
Winx! Nous revoici
Winx! Toujours amies.
Nous luttons ensemble et l'amour nous donne la magie.
Winx! Donne moi la main et forge ton destin
avec la magie du Winx Club.
Winx! tu deviendra!
Winx! si tu y crois
l'une d'entre nous
car la magie est dans ton coeur
et tu découvrira un monde de couleur.
Tu t'envolera dans le bleu du ciel.
C'est la magie, la merveille des winx.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Extra! Extra! Season 4, episode 14 is out on YouTube! Here's a basic rundown of what goes on, but don't forget to watch it for yourselves!

-Roxy is still confused about her destiny. To be or not to be a fairy? I think at one point Ms. F offers to have her at Alfea, but Roxy responds in fear. : (
-The Club is becoming more popular! They were even tailed by a news helicopter...
People are starting to believe!
-Has Riven learned his lesson? Will he and Musa make up? Riven's so down without her... And just when it looked like they were making up to each other, guess who had to ruin their chances? You guessed it...

At least Stella and Brandon have made up, but that doesn't stop him from flirting with some of the female customers at the Fruitti Music Bar. (All I caught from the conversation was him recommending food... Fruit cocktail, anyone?)

And Roxy can't go Speedix, hmm...

Is Mitzi A Witch?

The preview at the end of episode 14 showed the Wizards (yes, they're back!) seemingly giving Mitzi and two other girls powers and outfits. Could Ogron have turned them into witches (or evil fairies)?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sirene (Mermaid) Book Scans!

Dreaming_faerie of the Magix Club forums had posted scans of the Italian book Sirene - Le Winx nel mondo sottomarino di Andros (Siren - The Winx in the undersea world of Andros) Many thanks to her and the Winx Livejournal Community. I'm only posting some of the pictures - the rest can be found here.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Roxy Pictures!

Two of these pictures depict Roxy in a new outfit. I've heard some say that it is her Love & Pet outfit. If you look at the picture to the bottom-left, you can see Stella in her exercise outfit! About time they used them! The picture at the bottom is a full version of a header used on the official Winx Club site for some articles.