Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Season 4 Official Opening: Portuguese WITH LYRICS!

Mega thanks to gamercatgirl for the video... which got removed from youtube.

According to gamercatgirl, the season's already out in Portugal! I can't believe I didn't find this out sooner!

Winx! P'ra ti aqui!
Winx! P'ra sempre assim!
Lutando lado a lado, a magia nunca pára!
Winx, nós somos amigas, para toda a vida
É o poder de Believix!

Dia a dia, muita alegria...
Dia a dia, num mundo de fantasia...
É tão bom darmos as mãos (As mãos!)
Sem tirares a força que há em nós! (Em nós!)
É o poder de Believix!

Winx! P'ra ti aqui
Winx! P'ra sempre assim
Lutando lado a lado, a magia nunca pára!
Winx! Nós somos amigas, para toda a vida!
É o poder de Believix!

Winx! Levanta as mãos!
Winx! Não digas não!
Juntas lado a lado, tudo isto é magia
Voando pelos céus
Será sempre assim
É o mundo louco para ti e p'ra mim!
É só magia p'ra ti com as Winx!

Obrigada ao Bradwizard6 pelo áudio e pela letra!

Video and lyrics by Philippa54JS


  1. The singer saying 'Winx!' is really annoying.

  2. I'm pretty sure it's a Bloom audio clip from the Portuguese dub. You're not the only one who finds it annoying.

  3. Same. It's funny to hear, though :D

  4. pause it at 0:05 and you'll see that Roxy's eyes are brown...first they r green, then blue, now BROWN??????? tho it couldve just been the light from her magic...tho i doubt that

  5. Anonymous - I'm pretty sure it's green, just a bit tainted by the light (or sloppy animation.)

    I'm still wondering how the Portuguese version managed to slip by everyone. I guess we're so focused on the German, Polish, and French dubs that we didn't notice.

  6. I haven't found the opening for that yet. It's coming out October 5th.

  7. YAY!!! OCTOBER 5th!!!!!! lol i am soooo happy!!

  8. For once I agree with you Kiku. For once. Winx! Winx! Winx! Ahhhh! If I have to hear that one more time i will jump off a bridge! Well, not really, but you get the picture.

  9. WINX! WINX! WINX! WINX! WINX! WINX! WINX! OMG that's so annoying and it does that at the end so all you remember is WINX!