Monday, September 28, 2009

Official Season 4 Opening: Greek W/ Lyrics

The Greek version of Season 4 began airing on September 19. Here's the opening. I apologize for the low quality of the audio. I've yet to find a higher quality version.


Winx! Μαζί παιδιά!
Winx! Μαζί ξανά!
Φίλες φτερωτές, σε κόσμο μαγεμένο!
Winx! Πετάμε ψηλά! Μπορείς κι εσύ,
αρκεί να το πιστέψεις!
Κάθε μερα, είναι για μας,
ένα όνειρο, ένα παραμύθι!
Μαζί μας έλα, και μην ξεχνάς,
τα όνειρά μας πάντα βγαίνουν αληθινά
Aρκεί να το πιστέψεις!
Winx! Mαζί παιδιά!
Winx! Mαζί ξανά!
Φϊλες φτερωτές σε κόσμο μαγεμένο!
Winx! πετάμε ψηλά,
μπορείς κι εσύ αρκεί να το πιστέψεις
Winx! Μαζί παδιά!
Winx! Μαζί ξανά!
Λάμψεις από φως,
Λάμψεις από αγάπη!
Winx! Πετάμε ψηλά
Μπορείς κι εσύ!
Να πετάξεις μπορέις κι εσύ,
στο όνειρο μαζί μας!

Credits to ExChocolAnime for both the lyrics and the song.


  1. We seriously need to make a master schedule of sorts.

  2. Yeah, wow. Um, what if we keep it to one post a day? I'll put the newest one on hold for now...

    We could rotate? Kikurukina, gamercatgirl, me, Teagan (if she ever posts...). If you miss your day, that's okay. Sound good?

  3. the song is season 4 but isn't the opening from like season 1?

  4. Phoebe - Sounds good

    Anonymous - I've heard that this is the official video, but I can't be sure. The Greek version kept the season 1 opening for seasons 1 - 3 and just now changed the song.

  5. I Am The #1 Flora FanSeptember 29, 2009 at 5:30 PM

    Isn't this season 1? And it never says Believix! And the voice sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks!

  6. The Italian version didn't mention Believix either. We only know that the English, German, and Portuguese version mention it. As for the season 1 thing, see my above comment. The "Alvin and the Chipmunks" voice is due to the poor quality of the audio.

  7. I Am The #1 Flora FanOctober 2, 2009 at 5:18 PM

    Oh for everything.

  8. Wow! Winx is more international that I thought! Spain, America, Singapore, Canada, Italy, Portugal, Germany, etc! Man! Now that is a long radius!!!

  9. Are you serious? Wow, I guess I learn something new everyday!

  10. I'm 100% serious. It's a really pretty dub. I love Tecna's voice in it.

  11. Some info:
    The Song isn't Chipmunked.It's real.There are two girls singing it.Also Alter Channel is such a poor channel to buy the opening.(duh)
    The show has went in such a bad channel,the dubbing and the songs are bad.