Wednesday, December 23, 2009

International Release Dates *Updated!*

While searching through various Winx Club fansites and forums, I came up with a list of confirmed air dates and countries that are confirmed with at least attempting to get the rights.

Confirmed Dates (italicized indicates that it is already airing)

  • Italy - April 15
  • Portugal - September 12
  • Greece - September 19
  • Turkey - September 26
  • Israel - October 2
  • Norway - October 3
  • Finland - October 3
  • Poland - October 5
  • Second Half of the Italian Version - October 14
  • France - October 16
  • Netherlands - October 24
  • Germany - October 31
  • Denmark - December 6
  • Russia - December 8
  • Slovenia - December 12
  • Spain - December 21
  • Latin America - February 14

Confirmed for 2010

  • Singapore
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Mexico (Rumored February 2)
  • Argentina (Rumored February 3)
  • Hungary

Most of the 'confirmed' countries come from here.

Thanks to WinxClubRobert for the Spanish, Mexican, Argentina, and Latin American release dates.


  1. According to a mail send/received from Nickelodeon (Netherlands/Belgium) season 4 should start here on October 4th =)

  2. Me again, sorry xD

    Winx reruns from today till the 24th =)

    Programmering is iets wat niet heel lang van te voren vast staat. Vandaar dat we het op het moment dat je werd gemailt, nog niet wisten.
    Maar nu wel! Vanaf zaterdag 24 oktober om 7:50 kun je kijken naar seizoen 4 van de Winx Club op Nickelodeon!

    Groetjes, Nickelodeon

    It's the 24th ^-^

  3. No need to say sorry. I had the same problem trying to figure out the airdate. I guess I'll change it to officially be the 24th.

  4. The French have been saying that it's going to come out in November. No specific date though.

  5. Really? All I've been hearing is October 4. I guess we'll know for sure tomorrow...

  6. Thanks for crediting me! The only quirk you made is that Season 4 did not premiere yet in Latin America.

  7. Yeah, Blogger hates me and won't let me change it to un-italicized. It doesn't even show up as italicized in the HTML format, so I can't change it there >_<

  8. it really sucks that 4 kids is too lazy to even care that we want season 4!

  9. It's not necessarily their fault, they are going bankrupt. There could be other factors involved as well, we don't know. Winx is one of their most success properties, I doubt they'd just say "No" to dubbing S4.

  10. (to gamercatgirl)
    Thanks for fixing it! Anyway, it's a good thing that 4Kids is not dubbing Season 4 because I HATE 4kids, their dubs suck!
    Anyway, they have some good points. For example, in episode 16 of Season 2, they made Mitzi and Elle/L less meaner than in the original.
    P.S.:From now on, I will use the name WinxClubRobert on this site. Sorry for talking too much.

  11. Can you modify the premiere date in Spain to be December 24, please? I found that on Michael's Winx Club(Phoebe knows that site).
    Also, I found the Spain opening on Youtube.

  12. By the way, I got a Winx magazine, Winx wallet, and Stella doll for Christmas today!!! Also, my sister got Stella, too, so I had to turn Stella into Diaspro.


  14. Phoebe (too lazy to log in)December 25, 2009 at 10:26 AM

    Thanks, analadygaga™! :D You too!

  15. Slovenian version premiere on the 12th :D And in Mexico and Argentina it will NOT premiere in February, it wont. You can put a 2010 there. Recentely it was confirmed that it will premiere in South Africa in 2010 too, by WorldScreen

  16. (to Anonymous)
    I found the Mexican and Argentina start dates on Youtube. How do you know that Season 4 is NOT premiering in February in Mexico and Argentina? Also, in what months is Season 4 starting in Slovenia and South Africa?

  17. @ WinxClubRobert - YouTube is hardly a trustworthy source. I changed the dates to 2010 but put a rumored on Mexico and Argentina.

  18. (to gamercatgirl)I know that. For example, someone said that Season 4 will begin in Spain on Christmas, but it actually started on December 24(they got to episode 14 as from now).
    P.S.:You forgot Slovenia.

  19. dear phoebe,

    is the winx HQ in signapore? or in a town near signapore?

  20. @ Robert - I'm not going to put Slovenia until I receive some proof, such as an opening or an official statement.

    @ Whitney - I'm assuming you meant 'headquarters', HQ usually refers to high quality :P. Winx is made in Italy by Rainbow S.p.A.

  21. In Slovenia it started on the 12th.

    In Mexico and Argentina it is rumored to begin in February, but it hardly will. It´s preferred to be put in a hold ´till 2010 mid-june by Cartoon Network.

  22. there is a smaller Rainbow office located in Singapore too, other than the main Italy one.

  23. (to Anonymous)
    But in what month is season 4 starting in Slovenia?

  24. I found on Michael's Winx Club that the fourth season started in Spain on December 21, but you should put December 21/24. Also, Season 4 started in Turkey on September 26, in Belgium on October 24 and in France on October 16(but you should put October 16/21).

  25. @Anonymous - She was asking about the headquarters, not the smaller offices. Rainbow does most, if not all, of their work in-house.

    @WinxClubRobert - It started on December 21, the Spanish poster of the opening confirmed it.

  26. Oh, and just a little note - I posted the Slovenia release date so you all can stop bugging me even though there's no proof of it or any confirmation.

  27. (to gamercatgirl)I was NOT bugging you. I was only asking Anonymous in what month did Season 4 debut in Slovenia.

  28. I wasn't necessarily talking to you in particular, I was just trying of the bugging and I wasn't in a particularly good mood this morning.

  29. (to gamercatgirl)Sorry, I also wasn't in a good mood in that morning.

  30. what about the u.s.a? when does winx club season 4 get released in amarica? i'm dying 2 know

  31. Nobody knows if it will air in the US/Canada, period.

  32. @Lova
    Nobody knows when is Season 4 debuting in Sweden. And there is no confirmation of it.
    Guess what? Season 4 debuted in Serbia! Sorry, I don't know when it started there.

  33. @gamercatgirl
    Season 4 was first aired in Serbia on February 15(it was confirmed by a promo), on TV Košava.
    Sorry for double-posting.

  34. Here are new premiere dates:
    Serbia - February 15
    Brazil - May 09
    South Asia - March 09

  35. And March 01 for Australia too. Sorry for double posting.

  36. You have to add the actual Latin American date, which is June 6. For Brazil and South Asia the dates are May 9 and March 9 respectively.
    Actually, I am WinxClubRobert, I just changed my screen name, so I can comment on other blogs, too.
    Sorry for quintuple-posting.

  37. Rishika from India - Will it be featuring in India anytime soon on Cartoon Network?