Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Poll Results:

What Are These Tears For? by Teagan:
154 votes!

Love by FlorA:
163 votes!

The Mysteries of the Wizard, Ganvoues by Bloomerica:
42 votes!

Bane and Retribution by gamercatgirl:
56 votes!

Breaking Out by Allinea:
33 votes!

Congratulations, everyone!
Now, we add the scores of Kikurukina and I...

And the winner of the fanfiction contest is....
T E A G A N ! ! ! !


  1. wait, FlorA is the one who should of won.

  2. She added the results Kikurukina and her came up with to the results of the poll.

  3. These were the final scores.

    What Are These Tears For? 7824
    The Mysteries of the Wizard, Ganvoues 5083
    Love 3377
    Bane and Retribution 7563
    Breaking Out 5175

    As you can see, Bane and Retribution and What Are These Tears For? Were closely tied before the polls...

  4. ?? Confused The poll says 121 people voted only....??

  5. I made more than one poll. There's a poll on every page except the Movies page.

  6. congrats Teagan! i wuz kinda hoping for florA to win, but your story was awesome too! the prize is a position on the news page right?

  7. Whoo! Yeah! Congrats, Teagan! (Even if I had entered, you would have won because I'm only 11 and who would choose my dumb Tecna story I'm writing right now!) Yeah! *blows noisemaker*

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  9. Aw! Thanks all of you! I feel so flattered that you like my story! Seriously, I wrote this in 15-20 minutes at 11:30 or so at night one day, because I was bored. It never even crossed my mind that people would actually LIKE it, let alone it win anything.

    Thank you so so much to everyone who voted, and to Phoebe for giving me the opportunity to enter this contest!

  10. That's how I felt when I won Angela's Winx World's fanart contest... I was like, what? It won? Huh?

  11. Phoebe I would like to apologize I am like seriously in tears because I really wanted to try and enter my story in, but I guess I was too late, srry =(

  12. I wanted to delay the due date, but that wouldn't have been fair. I'm so sorry!

  13. Ok my story is about Tecna. Here it is in a comment lol:

    Tecna Logicalia Zenith screamed. Something was chasing her! She looked behind her. Nothing, yet she could hear steady, running footsteps behind her. Even though, usually, her systems prevented her from becoming tired, she was pooped. Come on, Tecna, you can do it, a voice in her head said. Just keep your head held high. You are a princess, royalty, a member of high society, and a Winx girl! Tecna fell to the ground, and then…

    “WWAAAKKKEEE UUUUPPP!” Bloom’s voice screamed. “Ow my head,” Tecna moaned. “I have never had a headache before. My systems—“ “Oh, Tecna, you just need a rest. My Mom will bring you some water. And pancakes,” Bloom laughed. “Stella picked out your clothes, and you wouldn’t believe the outfit—“ Tecna zoned out, and her dream came back. But this time a name came to her, with a picture—Skylar. And a word- vampire.

    Tecna was distressed now. Everyone had tried to cheer her up, but she remained grim. Skylar. Skylar. Skylar. The name kept running through her head. Who was Skylar? A Vampire, or a girl about to become a vampire? But Bloom kept annoying her and Flora was growing organic things. Tecna and Skylar were inseparable, in a way. I will not give up, Skylar, Tecna thought determinedly. No matter what, I will not give up on you.

    Tecna was now in her first day at Zenith Tech. Even though her stay with Bloom, Stella, Aisha-Layla, Flora, Musa, Amentia, and Roxy was nice, Tecna loved Zenith Tech. Everything was shiny, digital, and she had already made friends with a girl named Sonia. Tecna thought Sonia reminded her of Roxy. Roxy had the same hair as her, and had the Zenithan version of Roxy’s shirt. “Hi, Sonia!” Tecna said as they met after Advanced Robotic Science class. Sonia had been in Robot Biology for 2 hours, so she was hyped up. She was part robot, like Tecna, but not as much, so she couldn’t keep her cool like Tecna. Tecna had her new outfit on for Ancient Arts class. It was an archery outfit, complete with a bow and arrow.Sonia was going, too. But then, somebody showed up in a fairy outfit. “Skylar!” Tecna gasped.

  14. “Do I know you?” Skylar asked. “Uh, Tecna, do you even know her?” Sonia laughed. “Yes,” said a voice from behind them. “Neteca!” Tecna said. “I haven’t seen you in 5 years!” “Mmph,” Neteca replied. “Oh, Nettie!” Tecna squealed. “Mmph MMPH MUF MUF MMMMRR!” Neteca screamed. Tecna let go. “Sorry, Nettie,” she apologized. “Do you like my outfit?” Neteca asked. She modeled it ”Cool!” Sonia exclaimed. Tecna didn’t know what to say. “Watcha doin’?” “AAAAAH!!” the always sugar-high Sonia exclaimed. Tecna jumped. Nettie, the constant calm girl, just breathed rapidly. “WHAT… THE… HECK?” Sonia yelled. “OMG you guys! It’s me, Roxy! I transferred from Alfea! You knew that, Nettie,” Roxy winked at a boy walking down the hall. “So, Tecna, what’s with the… uh… body-suit-thingy?” Roxy laughed. “And, Girl-Who-Looks-Like-Me, who are you anyway? And who’s the black haired kid?” Roxy looked at Skylar and Sonia. Sonia bowed. “Pleased to meet you.” She burst out laughing. Skylar pointed to her nametag. “Ok then, hi, Sonia and Skylar. So, been having a good year?” And the day went on.

    It was the after- school period, and Neteca and Sonia had left. Roxy, Tecna, and Skylar were in the hall on the way to the yearbook committee. “So, Skylar, odd question,” Roxy began. “Are you a vampire?” “Roxy!” Tecna hissed. Skylar looked down at her striped tights under her aqua tasseled shorts. Skylar sure had a personal style! She was even wearing rain boots! Her shirts were an aqua camisole and a baby blue tee beneath. Tecna’s outfit was a pretty normal outfit. Violet sweats and a tank that said Dance was on her body. Roxy had on her normal outfit, a pink paw print tee with a green shirt beneath. She had jean capris and cute pink combat boots. Skylar blinked. “Yes,” she murmured. “I got bit. But I only do it to people I don’t like that much.” Tecna laughed out loud. “Go do it to Computa over there! The little nuisance!” Computa was chatting with some other popular girls. Skylar took a deep breath and ran at top speed. (“Vampire speed,” Tecna said.) She sank in her teeth. “Dang. Nothing.” Computa whirled around. “Hey,” she said in a valley girl accent. “What do YOU think you’re, like, doin’? Come on girls, she isn’t tubular. Like let’s totally book!” And with that, the popular girls “booked”.

    At Yearbook Committee, they suddenly saw Neteca! Her outfit looked a lot like an outfit Tecna had. ”Help!” Nettie said. “They’re after me!”

  15. Tecna gasped. “What the heck!!!! Nettie, seriously! Nothing’s there! Nettie looked over her shoulder. “But there was! About ten vampires were all chasing me! It was a nightmare!” Tecna rolled her eyes. Suddenly, the girls heard footsteps behind them. Tecna was having a flashback! But there was more detail then in her dream:

    Tecna screamed. Vampires were chasing her! She looked behind her. She could hear steady, running footsteps behind her. She knew the vampires were there, but she couldn’t see them. Even though, usually, her systems prevented her from becoming tired, she was beyond pooped. Come on, Tecna, you can do it, a voice in her head said. Just keep your head held high. You are a princess, royalty, a member of high society, and a Winx girl! She fell to the ground, and a looming shadow overwhelmed her!

    “Nettie! It’s you!” Tecna exclaimed. She hadn’t even noticed Sonia and Nettie were there. But an overwhelming thought occurred. “Skylar! Skylar!” But all they saw was a black haired head running with the rest. “SKYLAR!” Tecna yelled aloud. As suddenly as she said that, all the Winx girls came on time! Even Roxy came from Robot Beginner Studies class. “Thanks, guys!” Tecna smiled.

    “That is what BFFs are for!” Flora laughed. “Definitely!” Amentia agreed. Aisha-Layla was silent. “Hey, Aish, what’s bugging you?” Musa asked. “Oh,” Aisha-Layla breathed deeply. “Ok. Nabu, um, well, his parents, well, are in the hospital.” “OMG WHY?” Stella screamed. Even Tecna and Layla laughed. “I don’t even KNOW!” Layla said, growling. “Who cares? This it Tecna Time!” Amentia giggled. The young queen wasn’t very good at reading feelings, so she did come off cold sometimes. “Amentia!” Bloom gasped. Her eyes were wide. Stella frowned.“Do you even care about A.L.’s feelings?” she asked. Amentia looked shocked. She looked down at the ground. “Sorry,” she muttered. “It’s OK,” Skylar said. “Yo, Sky, are you a vamp or what?” Musa asked. Tecna laughed aloud. “Yo, Tec,” Roxy said, imitating Musa. “Uh, what’s kickin?” Layla cleared her throat. “ I was talking.” “Yes,” Tecna said. She knew her friends wouldn’t understand “nerd-speak”, as Amentia called it, so she simplified her explanation. “She has the right to speak, even if one of her,” Tecna paused, trying to cool up her “nerd-speak”. “BFFS is the person interrupting her.” “Simplified nerd-speak,” Amentia whispered to Stella, who laughed. Skylar looked at the crazy girls. “OK,” Skylar said. “I will start from the beginning.”

  16. “Ok, so, like, a week ago,” Skylar said. The story she was telling formed the story right in her head.

    Skylar looked behind her. A mob was chasing her. A mob with fangs. Vampires !she thought. What do they want with me? She had to stop. She was losing breath, and it felt as if she was losing life as well. Then, as she felt fangs sink into her neck, her mind echoed these words:
    Tecna’s touch alone will save you.
    And she was thrust into the mob.

    The mob carried her away from Zenith Tech, but Skylar was smart, and she escaped. She knew where the Downlander tunnels were, so she went through one and took a shortcut through Downland to Zenith Tech, where she had hidden as a girl named Josefina Munoz. So she was shocked when Tecna called her Skylar.

    “So, Tecna, your touch will save me, whatever that means.” “I think it means you gotta put some power into her. But where?” Stella said. “ Since vamps got no blood, try the heart!” Musa exclaimed. Tecna put her hand on Skylar’s chest, right where her bloodless heart was. “Close your eyes,” Tecna instructed. “And open your heart. Believe in yourself, Skylar! Believe!” The words echoed in her ears, loudly and then softer and softer. “Then, all she saw was a glow around her!

    “Oh, Skylar, an Enchantix! Cool!” Bloom said happily. I’m so glad we are all here to enjoy it!” Skylar smiled!

    The End!

    Did you like it? BTW, Amentia is a Winx girl in my version because in Season 7 (my version) she has soil power and she's a Winx.

  17. I'm only 11 so no bad comments please.

  18. Age really means nothing. If I took the time to read, I would apparently tear it to 'shreds' as some people have told me. As a writer, you must be prepared to take criticism good and bad. Most of the time, you must take the bad. Writers have a hard swallowing the fact that their work might actually need work.

  19. I hope you don't mind that I posted it on the Fan Creations page. It was a good story!

  20. Layla n Amentia who is very happy right nowSeptember 14, 2009 at 3:35 PM

    Thanks! :))))))

  21. It's called Tech Trouble, btw so can you write that instead of untitled.

  22. And, Kiku did you like it. Tell the truth.

  23. Layla n Amentia who sees the title has been changed quicklySeptember 14, 2009 at 3:55 PM

    Wow. You are fast!

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    Season 1 of the winx theme song

  25. That was my sis the one that typed that.