Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bloom, Bad Gift-Giver?

Ever since Roxy was possessed by Nebula in episode nine, it occurred to a friend of mine (Darev from that Bloom really is bad at giving gifts or things in general to people. This is not the first time that Bloom has given something to someone with bad results.

The first time was during episode eight of season one: Day of the Rose/A Friendship Sundered. Bloom, back when she was fledgling fairy trying to get the hang of magic, was on a date with 'Brandon' (who happens to be mysteriosly blond...). Riven happened to be around and the two ended up in a argument that ended with Bloom levitating and emptying a pot full of water on Riven.

Later, as a way to apologize, Bloom gives Riven a new helmet that she recieved from Timmy (Knut in disguise) which happens to mess with him during the race. All the while, Bloom hears about the Trix's plan to compromise the race. She valiantly jumps into action chasing after Riven only to get yelled at. This ends up starting Darcy and Riven's relationship.

The second time was when she gave the White Circle to Roxy and well...we saw what happened there...

Nebula went power crazy using Roxy's body.

One interesting question is why did Bloom give a magical object to a person (Roxy) who has not a clue about magic? Irresponsible much?


  1. It's not Bloom's fault. The helment was a trick, and the circle was calling to Roxy, so it belonged to her.

  2. Nicole is the #1 BIGGEST MUSA FAN IN THE WHOLE GALAXY!!!September 9, 2009 at 6:06 PM

    Bloom is right its not her falt!! its nebula shes evil!!!

  3. First case, I admit is not totally her fault but it's interesting to note that she's the one who gave it anyways.

    Second case, what make's you think that Nebula is totally evil? Her actions are justified when she wants to destroy the Black Circle in episode nine. How exactly is that evil? Evil fighting evil? The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

  4. siento mucho haber cogido sus imagenes si quiere a usted para pedirle perdon le puedo dar unas imagenes winx de la 4 temporada muy chulas

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  6. It's really not Blooms fault she's easily tricked (lol). And yeah, Kikurukina has a point, Nebula might not be evil, maybe she'll even help the Winx fight the wizards.....

  7. one question u know the ep with bloom askes roxy to use the ring ( after nebula)
    Did she pretend to faint? cuz she got back up after that to join roxy
    or did she faint for a verry short time?
    im wondering that o.o

  8. I think she might have fainted for real because the wizards still have the upper hand on them. Fairy magic doesn't work too well on them.

  9. Ha ha i hate bloom and i totally agree that she's bad at giving gifts. i don't like her 'cause she's a spotlight hog ( the show should be called Bloom's Club because of the way the show revolves around her and only her.) and because she just walks into the room, takes charge of everyone and everything and controls the winx club. She causes the others all kinds of trouble and distress because she's "special" and she puts everyone in danger when people like baltor and the trix come after her.

    1. Bloom's a bitch. Actually all of the fairies are bitches except Stella and Tecna

  10. Well the show had to have one main person or leader! Bloom seems really nice and sweet I do agree they give her a little to much spotlight but who cares! They created her because she actually has a story and it's mysterious. So don't go biting her head off because if she was real I'm sure we all would be good friends with her.

  11. on both accounts it was not bloom's fault. the helmet was a trick from the witches and bloom fell for it. bloom did not know that the white circle could have bad effects on roxy. there was no way that she could know. they are fairies, but they don't tell the future.
    also, on both accounts bloom tried to set things right after she realized what she did wrong.

  12. yeah why do you hate bloom? i actually like bloom. and maybe she takes the spotlight because oh i don't know let me guess... SHE'S THE MAIN CHARACTER!!!!!! seriously. you should and would've known that i f you were a real winx club fan. gosh

  13. Fairy of SubterraJune 16, 2010 at 6:37 PM

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