Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Original Tecna enchantix interpreted by Sysla-illustrator

I for one had never been satisfied with Tecna's enchantix outfit. I'm sure that there are other who feel the same because look at it, it's so ugh. I personally find it a very plain as if the concept designers were running out of time and they just decided that this looked Tecna-like enough. I don't even understand what designers were trying to accomplish with that chestplate and skirt thing.

Below is an interpretation of one of Tecna's original enchantix designs done by Sysla-illustrator from Deviantart. This design was taken from the original concept art released by Rainbow S.p.a.

Can you see the differences?

Tecna enchantix by ~Sysla-illustrator on deviantART

In Sysla-illustrator's interpretation, Tecna has a skintight dress with a ruffle at the helm, a must it seems for every enchantix outfit, and long hair that reaches up to her knees like everyone else. The gloves are still the same and so is the hair accessory but the you must admit that the long hair is nice. The dress is so much more nicer than that weird two-piece outfit she has in the show.

However, I think the dress would have lost the 'tech' theme that was all about Tecna. The angular lines in her official outfit really emphasises her practical personality whereas the dress would have just made her girly and undermined her importance when Bloom and Sky came to rescue her from the Omega dimension.

What do you think? Which one is better? The official one or the concept one?

Monday, September 28, 2009

No More WinX Comics

Livejournal user WinX Comics, known for uploading and translating the Winx Club comics from Italy has gone on hiatus until further notice. He or she says this:
"[18 Sep 200912:42am]
As of 08/18/09 Winx Comics is on hiatus until further notice. I have grown tired of finding my comics all over Winx Club websites without my permission or no credit. If you see any English Comics being uploaded remember they are mine as I am the only source for Winx Club English Comics.
Till next time.

Dawn/Tiny Dragon/LilDread"

The comics are no longer accessable.

Fake(?) English Trailer Featuring Pets

Credit goes to BanjoGate for posting this. Notice that the song is in English.

Official Season 4 Opening: Greek W/ Lyrics

The Greek version of Season 4 began airing on September 19. Here's the opening. I apologize for the low quality of the audio. I've yet to find a higher quality version.


Winx! Μαζί παιδιά!
Winx! Μαζί ξανά!
Φίλες φτερωτές, σε κόσμο μαγεμένο!
Winx! Πετάμε ψηλά! Μπορείς κι εσύ,
αρκεί να το πιστέψεις!
Κάθε μερα, είναι για μας,
ένα όνειρο, ένα παραμύθι!
Μαζί μας έλα, και μην ξεχνάς,
τα όνειρά μας πάντα βγαίνουν αληθινά
Aρκεί να το πιστέψεις!
Winx! Mαζί παιδιά!
Winx! Mαζί ξανά!
Φϊλες φτερωτές σε κόσμο μαγεμένο!
Winx! πετάμε ψηλά,
μπορείς κι εσύ αρκεί να το πιστέψεις
Winx! Μαζί παδιά!
Winx! Μαζί ξανά!
Λάμψεις από φως,
Λάμψεις από αγάπη!
Winx! Πετάμε ψηλά
Μπορείς κι εσύ!
Να πετάξεις μπορέις κι εσύ,
στο όνειρο μαζί μας!

Credits to ExChocolAnime for both the lyrics and the song.

Who Am I? Gamercatgirl Edition!

(I'm basing this off of Kiku's original introduction post, if you're wondering why this is the gamercatgirl edition.)

I, gamercatgirl, (do not capitalize it unless it begins a sentence) am from Ontario, Canada (where's all the American fans?) but I currently reside in the US.

I've watched Winx Club since it first came out way back in 2004. My favorite Winx girl is Tecna, my favorite guy is Riven (we even share the same birthday, ironically), and I don't like the pixies or the pets from the fourth season.

Please do not expect any fan creations from me. I don't enjoy writing fanfictions (although B&R was quite fun to write, but only during the Painkiller parts. Writing the Winx stunk) and I stink at drawing anything. I am willing to proofread/critique stories, since I'm good at that.

And now, to rip-off Kiku, I'll post my quirks.

Quirks: supporter of BloomxBaltor (admit, you thought it at least once), supporter of DiasproxSky (I blame this on Kiku's 'Feeling'), and my favorite fictional character is the Punisher (who should never have his name mentioned on a Winx site...) I like Everlasting Gobstoppers. Yummy!

Have I dragged this on long enough yet?

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Roxy Image!

Thanks to I Am The #1 Flora Fan for the tip-off!

New Roxy image alert! Is is a promo image?


Please don't remove my credits, and link back here if you take it :D
Thanks, guys! You rock!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Outfits Are Out!

I've been waiting so long for this! Today, the new outfits (check out the link for info on prices!) from the Italian site released on the English one, and that day has come! I've already bought them (see above picture)!

Here's the deets on the new styles:

Sk8ter Shirt (with elbow guards!) is as hip as streetwear comes, with pretty, bold star designs. Doesn't it look like something Musa would wear? I love the stripy Sk8ter pants (with knee gaurds!) and wear them all over Gardenia! The power sk8ter shoes (must have them) and sk8ter socks (nice enough...) complete the outfits with street-smart flair.
The new sweatshirt (lovely!) is exactly as Layla wore for that concert! The entire outfit is Layla-original, with dance dance sweatpants (try them on!) and gym shoes (perfect for jogging!) and pinky socks (must have them!) to complete the look! For a really Layla-esque look, try the romantic hair with the outfit!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Extended Transformations!

Thanks to gamercatgirl for the info!

Clips of the extended Enchantix transformations were added to the Italian DVDs as bonus features! Take a look at Stella's extended transformation and see if you can spot the "extended" part!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kinder Surprise Commericial!

MORE Similar Poses!

I think I'm going on a rampage with these similar poses thing but it is neat to know. The picture to the right is stock art from the video game 'Winx Club: Believix in You.'

Below are pictures of Stella and Bloom in their enchantix:

Notice the same poses? Even the fingers are the same! Stella's hair doesn't even change except for the accessories. The shape of the hair is the exact same pose.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Rumours: Season 5 transformation is Gemix

We've heard that a season five is planned already. That remains to be confirmed and so we'll leave that as a rumour. What's been going around is that 'Gemix' is the next transformation for season five because on the official Winx Club site, some of the pet minigames mention this term. Let's make this clear: Gemix is not the next transformation until official information comes out and that won't be for a very long time.

It has never been hinted and there are no solid ways of connecting season five and gemix. They are only wild rumours gone amuck. If you have notice, the gemix stones in the games are the charmix brooches from season two. There is no way that the Winx are going to downgrade back to charmix after enchantix and believix.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love Test: It's Back!

One of my fave things from the old site is back on the both websites: the Winx Love Test! I've always loved this (I was ten hearts with Harry Potter :D) so I'm glad that it's not gone for good!

So far, it's only on the Italian site. I can't wait till we get it on the English one! UPDATE! It's now on the English one! You must have an account to use it, though, which is something you didn't have to do to use the old version.

4kids what ifs...

It is more than apparently that we are eagerly awaiting for the 4kids or RAI English dubs tocome to North America. It has not been confirmed yet whether 4kids will even dub season four even though they have started to play Winx Club episodes on the CW4kids, I believe. Let's focus on the 4kids dub.

We all know that the 4kids dub has been heavily criticised for heavily editing the plot until it resembled nothing like the original Italian from time to time. A notable example is episode five of season one (Date with Disaster/Blind Date). The episode starts with the girls in the kitchen cooking a good decision potion in the 4kids version while in the RAI, the girls are simply on cooking duty and Bloom complains about why a school full of magic still forces them to cook without magic.

If 4kids ever gets to dubbing season four, it is more than likely that they will make some changes. Since we do not have Secret of the Lost Kingdomout in America, this makes me ask: will Bloom and Sky be even engaged in season four?

Let me make this absolutely clear since all of you are going to go to Youtube and look for the movie: I mean the Italian version of the movie; the original dub. Realise that even though there is an English dub, there are still a lot of changes made in the movie.

I got the point that he said "Will you be my princess?" in the English version. Last time I checked, Italian is not English.

Looking back on the scene where Sky proposes to Bloom, we realise that nothing was actually said on the audio. Really. We just assumed that he popped the question just from the looks of it. He shows her a ring and whispers into her ear, she acts surprise and then they passionately kiss. Seriously, take a look:

Now, this begs to me ask: will they even be engaged if 4kids ever dubs season 4?

This seen leads to a lot of ambiguity just by the lack of audio because, for all we know, Sky could have given her a promise ring.

What do you think?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Season 4 Official Opening: Portuguese WITH LYRICS!

Mega thanks to gamercatgirl for the video... which got removed from youtube.

According to gamercatgirl, the season's already out in Portugal! I can't believe I didn't find this out sooner!

Winx! P'ra ti aqui!
Winx! P'ra sempre assim!
Lutando lado a lado, a magia nunca pára!
Winx, nós somos amigas, para toda a vida
É o poder de Believix!

Dia a dia, muita alegria...
Dia a dia, num mundo de fantasia...
É tão bom darmos as mãos (As mãos!)
Sem tirares a força que há em nós! (Em nós!)
É o poder de Believix!

Winx! P'ra ti aqui
Winx! P'ra sempre assim
Lutando lado a lado, a magia nunca pára!
Winx! Nós somos amigas, para toda a vida!
É o poder de Believix!

Winx! Levanta as mãos!
Winx! Não digas não!
Juntas lado a lado, tudo isto é magia
Voando pelos céus
Será sempre assim
É o mundo louco para ti e p'ra mim!
É só magia p'ra ti com as Winx!

Obrigada ao Bradwizard6 pelo áudio e pela letra!

Video and lyrics by Philippa54JS

Monday, September 14, 2009

Even MORE Concept Art!

Thanks bunches to gamercatgirl for the info!
Here is a concept picture of Musa, Bloom, and Stella. (Notice that the outfits are less revealing... Hmm...) It is just one of about 125 concept art pictures that gamercatgirl found on wkw427's Photobucket account.

These pictures include Sparks (Domino for fans of RAI), Alfea, and Gardenia! I encourage you to check it out, they were awesome!

You can find the character concept art here. It also includes pics of the girls and the women they were molded after!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Episodes! *Update*

Yes, tomorrow Winx Club: Season 4 will continue in Italy! It'll start over from the beginning (again), but episode 14, "Animali Nel Bisogno", or "Animals In Need", is expected to come out in only one month! Yess!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

German Opening for Season 4!

Thanks a million to gamercatgirl for finding and sending in this vid!!
Here's the German Season 4 trailer! Enjoy!

Back TO School WIth The Winx!

Wanna go back to school in style? Bring the Winx CLub with you! I've found an assorment of back-to-school suplies featuring the Winx! You can buy Winx Club backpacks (with or without wheels), purses, cases, folders, notebooks, and diaries, all inspired by the season 4! You can choose from designs like:
-City Girls (like in the picture)
-Love and Pet
-Winx Believix
Here's a secret! Along with advice and news about the Winx Club, the diary contains a secret code you can use to enter a secret place on the WinxClub website!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dance Dance Revolution Winx Club (Nin Wii)

Yes, that's right. There is actually a Dance Dance Revolution game for the Winx Club on the Nintendo Wii. It's basically just like any DDR game except it uses the Winx Club graphics. This game is not too terribly interesting and graphics are actually pretty bad considering some games. In short, it could have been done better but hey, I can't change the past.

This game was originally released earlier in 2009, about winter-spring before season four came out. It was published and developed by Konami. Most of the songs are in Japanese. The game is only available in Europe and Japan.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Poll Results:

What Are These Tears For? by Teagan:
154 votes!

Love by FlorA:
163 votes!

The Mysteries of the Wizard, Ganvoues by Bloomerica:
42 votes!

Bane and Retribution by gamercatgirl:
56 votes!

Breaking Out by Allinea:
33 votes!

Congratulations, everyone!
Now, we add the scores of Kikurukina and I...

And the winner of the fanfiction contest is....
T E A G A N ! ! ! !

Bloom, Bad Gift-Giver?

Ever since Roxy was possessed by Nebula in episode nine, it occurred to a friend of mine (Darev from that Bloom really is bad at giving gifts or things in general to people. This is not the first time that Bloom has given something to someone with bad results.

The first time was during episode eight of season one: Day of the Rose/A Friendship Sundered. Bloom, back when she was fledgling fairy trying to get the hang of magic, was on a date with 'Brandon' (who happens to be mysteriosly blond...). Riven happened to be around and the two ended up in a argument that ended with Bloom levitating and emptying a pot full of water on Riven.

Later, as a way to apologize, Bloom gives Riven a new helmet that she recieved from Timmy (Knut in disguise) which happens to mess with him during the race. All the while, Bloom hears about the Trix's plan to compromise the race. She valiantly jumps into action chasing after Riven only to get yelled at. This ends up starting Darcy and Riven's relationship.

The second time was when she gave the White Circle to Roxy and well...we saw what happened there...

Nebula went power crazy using Roxy's body.

One interesting question is why did Bloom give a magical object to a person (Roxy) who has not a clue about magic? Irresponsible much?

Friday, September 04, 2009

Winx Club Magazine! Issue 65!

The newest Winx Magazine, Nuovi Amori (which means "New Loves" in English) is out! Inside, you'll find an interveiw with Dolcenera, an Italian singer/songwriter, and advice on beauty, nature, technology, and fashion!

The magazine comes with a cool pair of sunglasses, too!

What's going down in the comic series?
Brandon and Stella have had a fight! Is this the end of their love story, or will they mend their relationship? Well, I guess you'll have to buy the magazine to find out...
But here's a small bit you can read...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Vote For The FanFiction Contest!

Submit your vote for who YOU think should win the fanfiction contest! Read the entries HERE and then cast your vote! Your imput will be used when chosing the winner. Thanks!


1100060 Hits!

1100060 hits in two months! Thanks, guys!


Winx Club will return to the air September 14 in Italy!

Airing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:25 on Rai2.

New Outfits

Start the school year looking stylish wearing the sk8ter collection just released on!

*Please note that this is only on the Italian site!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Winx Club Cell Phone!

Thanks, GraceQute, for showing me this!
Check it out: Samsung has come out with a Winx Club cell phone! I saw a commercial for it, but it wasn't in English. I checked Michael's, and it's from Portugal!

I seriously want one!