Friday, August 21, 2009

Season 4 Coming to Europe

Winx Club is slated to come out in Europe in October 2009. That just's over a month to go!

"LORETO: Rainbow has shored up slots on the fourth season of Winx Club in almost all of the 100 territories that carried the first three seasons of the popular girl-skewing animated series.

Deals include Cartoon Network for Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Latin America and Spain; Nickelodeon for Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia; RAI Italy; France 3; Telecinco Spain and RTL Germany, among others. The new 26-episode season (bringing the total number of episodes to 104) is slated to begin broadcasting across Europe this fall. The broadcast rollout of season four will be coordinated with the launch of the new Winx Fashion Dolls, which have already sold more than a million units in Italy alone. Overall, the Winx Club brand has generated £2 billion in licensing revenues since its its debut, signing up 600 licenses worldwide."

Source: Rainbow Rolls Out New Winx Club Season -


  1. That's cool and all, but do you know when we are going to have it in english?

  2. Dude, the United Kingdom is in Europe. I think the answer is fairly obvious. The UK would be the only country in the European Union who did not have a dub of the show. I think 4kids and RAI are already working on the dub right now but don't expect it in October. As said before, maybe after Christmas.

  3. DARN, Christmas? Oh well, I guess I'll still see it after they hammer S3 into our heads. And the movie isn't coming out in September. Probably November is what some say.