Monday, August 17, 2009

Rumours: Episode Titles

Well, Wikipedia has gone and done it again. There are new episode titles that coincide with
episodes of this post.

This is the new list:
15) Città di Mistero (The Mystery Town)
Dove è Roxy? (Where is Roxy? Might I add that this is partially grammatically incorrect still. It's supposed to be 'Dov'è Roxy?')
17) Il Trix è Qui (The Trix are Here)
18) Believix potere Winx! (Believix Power Winx!)
19) Una Storia D'amore (A Love Story)
20) Il Segreto di sky (Sky's Secret/The Secret of Sky)
21) Il Libro Di Magia (The Magic Book)
22) La Vendetta del stregoni (The Revenge of the Wizards)
23) Valtor?! (Do I really need to explain this one?)
24) Un Segreto, Un Mistero (A Secret, a Mystery)
25) Una battaglia, sette ragazze (One Battle, Seven Girls)
26) Una Nuova Leggenda è Generata (A New Legend is Created)

It's fairly apparent that this is an English hoax because of the bad grammar usage. I'll use Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix to explain it. In English titles, we capitalise every noun and proper noun. Nouns being Harry, Potter, order and phoenix. And, the and of are not nouns. The French title is Harry Potter et l'Ordre du phénix.

In an Italian or French title, only the very first word of the title is capitalized with some exceptions such as proper nouns. Everything else is left as it is as if saying a sentence. In French, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix is 'Harry Potter et l'Ordre du phénix.'

The only reason that 'ordre' is capitalized is because the title itself is the equivalent of saying 'Harry Potter: Order of Phoenix.' That colon (:) makes all the difference.

The Italian title is Harry Potter e l'Ordine della Fenice. The reason why 'ordine' and 'fenice' are capitalised is because translators have decided to interpret the name as a proper noun.

Now, why did I explain this to you? Because several of the titles are written using the English capitalisation rules. ;)


  1. hey thank's for telling us and it not true baltor was distroyed in season 3

  2. I absolutely agree although it is interesting to note that they are getting very creative with the titles.

  3. no baltor/valtor was sent to the ancient witches he can come back you know.

  4. They are very creative, but still...don't believe it...