Monday, August 31, 2009

New Outfits!

Check it out! has some new outfits that were just released today! Like a sparkling shirt "with real gems" and a pretty sundress that "will make you smile" for 95 gold stars and 110 stars respectivly.

There's also a new "romantic" hairstyle, as modeled by my avatar. It has "lovely hair bows", too!

For guys, the price of fashion is much higher. Specialists pay a price of 800 gold stars for the new surf clothing that is "waterproof, of course". The matching excersise headband is 75 gold stars. Sadly, there's no new hairstyles for boys.


  1. I want that dress! The hair would be awesome too

  2. Yeah, I blew all the stars I had saved on both the dress and the shirt, but I love them <3

  3. yea i got them all

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