Friday, August 21, 2009

Commenting Rules

I felt that since the school year is about to start that we need a refresher course on internet ettiquette. Some of you feel the need to impersonate someone who is quite clearly not here. If any of you have issues with the rules, feel free to send an email.

  1. You do not have to use your real name when commenting, but it is absolutely forbidden to use the name of another human;whether it be your best friend, sister, or a total stranger. If you find a case of impostures, please contact me.

  2. Language used in the comments must be appropriate for all ages. All comments including words and/or phrases that may be offensive in any way will immediately be removed and all other content disregarded.

  3. Comments, though helpful ways of expressing opinions, will not be used as a means to communicate with me. To contact me, use my email address:

  4. Comments are not to be used as a way to talk to your friends. Please respect other viewers and instead use other instant messaging methods.This list may be enlarged as need presents itself. Thank-you.

- Phoebe, Site Admin


  1. I can't e-mail u (not allowed) but on Cowgirl Outfits, someone was being mean and swearing.

  2. Yeah. I can't email you either Phoebe. Is there any other way to contact you?