Monday, August 31, 2009

New Outfits!

Check it out! has some new outfits that were just released today! Like a sparkling shirt "with real gems" and a pretty sundress that "will make you smile" for 95 gold stars and 110 stars respectivly.

There's also a new "romantic" hairstyle, as modeled by my avatar. It has "lovely hair bows", too!

For guys, the price of fashion is much higher. Specialists pay a price of 800 gold stars for the new surf clothing that is "waterproof, of course". The matching excersise headband is 75 gold stars. Sadly, there's no new hairstyles for boys.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


What's the Fairy Sign of this month?

Write the answer in a comment! Whoever has the best answer by 12:00 tomorrow wins!


In season 4, what happened to the pets when the Fairy Hunters cursed them?

Write the answer in a comment! Whoever has the best answer by 12:00 tomorrow wins!

There has been some confusion recently over the URL change for the Official Winx Club site, Anyway, for awhile the normal URL ( wasn't taking you to the English site; it took you to the Italian site ( Thankfully, both the normal address and the other English address ( are working normally.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grace's Dub of Winx Club Season 4!

I thought that I should announce this on the News Page: Grace has put together and uploaded the first part of her dub!

Here's the cast list, although there were some additional voice appearances:

Erica as Bloom
Tanya as Stella
Phoebe (me) as Roxy
Michelle as Flora
Nadya as Musa
Janelle as Layla
Ben as the boys

Also Staring:
Venissa as Artu
Phoebe (me) as the pets

Anyway, Grace needs more boys in her dub, along with Tecna! Please email her at!

Winx On Ice Videos

Caroline/Caroline loves poetry and one day, she steals a journal from an antique shop. She finds out that everything she writes in the journal becomes a reality. (from Italian version)

"In this adventure, Bloom must save an Earthling fairie named Caroline/Carolina from the evils of the villains the Trix. Thus, the Winx and Specialist embark on their journey, fighting ice monsters, giant spiders and magical books, in search of the mystery behind Caroline/Carolina and her secret journal." (translated from French version)

Videos posted by StellaSolariaWinx. Give all credit to her for downloading them.

Original Musa Sketches

The original sketches for from 1999-2000. Dear lord, she's really changed since the initial drawings

Monday, August 24, 2009

Winx Club: Your Magical Universe (NinDS + screenshots)

Konami's latest Winx Club game is due this September. It's called Winx Club: Your Magical Universe and is a not an adventure/action/roleplaying game. It is a diary and daily planner of sorts but you can also watch the 4kids version of the episodes (meaning no Roxy, I think). It also has a couple of minigames.

Winx Club: Your Magic Universe Announced and GamesCom 2009 Screens

Konami Digital Entertainment announced the September 2009 release of Winx Club: Your Magic Universe for the Nintendo DS, a themed personal organiser packed with fun sub-games and Winx Club secrets and information. Using the Enchantix characters from the third series of Winx Club, the easy to use organizer means users will never miss a birthday or important date ever again, and can access their complete friends list at the press of a button.


Fanfiction Contest: Six Days Left To Enter!

So far only two fanfictions have been submitted to the contest (What Are These Tears For? and The Mysteries of the Wizard, Ganvoues) so there's a great chance that you could win!! But if you want to win a spot as an author on this blog, you have to enter soon!

In case you missed them, the rules are:

-Your story has to be about the forth season of Winx Club, or the characters introduced in this season (Roxy, Andy, ect.)

-Your story must be emailed to me at before midnight of September 1st, 2009 or it won't count. (Note that stories on the Fan Creations page are NOT automatically entered! Email me the story.)

-The rating (see FanFiction Ratings on the Fan Creations page) cannot be higher than T (teen).

-The following information should be included:
Breif Summary:
Main Characters:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Should Roxy fall in love?

Do you think that Roxy deserves a boyfriend in the show? Or is she so annoying that she does not deserve one? Why? What do you think? And more importantly, who?

Should Roxy fall in love?
Maybe free polls

Friday, August 21, 2009

Commenting Rules

I felt that since the school year is about to start that we need a refresher course on internet ettiquette. Some of you feel the need to impersonate someone who is quite clearly not here. If any of you have issues with the rules, feel free to send an email.

  1. You do not have to use your real name when commenting, but it is absolutely forbidden to use the name of another human;whether it be your best friend, sister, or a total stranger. If you find a case of impostures, please contact me.

  2. Language used in the comments must be appropriate for all ages. All comments including words and/or phrases that may be offensive in any way will immediately be removed and all other content disregarded.

  3. Comments, though helpful ways of expressing opinions, will not be used as a means to communicate with me. To contact me, use my email address:

  4. Comments are not to be used as a way to talk to your friends. Please respect other viewers and instead use other instant messaging methods.This list may be enlarged as need presents itself. Thank-you.

- Phoebe, Site Admin

Season 4 Coming to Europe

Winx Club is slated to come out in Europe in October 2009. That just's over a month to go!

"LORETO: Rainbow has shored up slots on the fourth season of Winx Club in almost all of the 100 territories that carried the first three seasons of the popular girl-skewing animated series.

Deals include Cartoon Network for Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Latin America and Spain; Nickelodeon for Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia; RAI Italy; France 3; Telecinco Spain and RTL Germany, among others. The new 26-episode season (bringing the total number of episodes to 104) is slated to begin broadcasting across Europe this fall. The broadcast rollout of season four will be coordinated with the launch of the new Winx Fashion Dolls, which have already sold more than a million units in Italy alone. Overall, the Winx Club brand has generated £2 billion in licensing revenues since its its debut, signing up 600 licenses worldwide."

Source: Rainbow Rolls Out New Winx Club Season -

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Helia and Zhalia

Has it occurred to anyone that Zhalia Moon of Huntik looks like the female version of Helia? The exception is that they kind of have opposite personalities. I don't watch 4kids on Saturday mornings anymore because I'm always off writing Verboten or Pangaea Ultimatum but from the episodes that I've seen of Huntik, Zhalia is a kind of a mercenary with some moral issues to resolve with Lock.

By the way, Rainbow produced both Winx Club and Huntik.

Maybe it's just the hair?

Zhalia Moon Wallpaper Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Rumours: Episode Titles

Well, Wikipedia has gone and done it again. There are new episode titles that coincide with
episodes of this post.

This is the new list:
15) Città di Mistero (The Mystery Town)
Dove è Roxy? (Where is Roxy? Might I add that this is partially grammatically incorrect still. It's supposed to be 'Dov'è Roxy?')
17) Il Trix è Qui (The Trix are Here)
18) Believix potere Winx! (Believix Power Winx!)
19) Una Storia D'amore (A Love Story)
20) Il Segreto di sky (Sky's Secret/The Secret of Sky)
21) Il Libro Di Magia (The Magic Book)
22) La Vendetta del stregoni (The Revenge of the Wizards)
23) Valtor?! (Do I really need to explain this one?)
24) Un Segreto, Un Mistero (A Secret, a Mystery)
25) Una battaglia, sette ragazze (One Battle, Seven Girls)
26) Una Nuova Leggenda è Generata (A New Legend is Created)

It's fairly apparent that this is an English hoax because of the bad grammar usage. I'll use Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix to explain it. In English titles, we capitalise every noun and proper noun. Nouns being Harry, Potter, order and phoenix. And, the and of are not nouns. The French title is Harry Potter et l'Ordre du phénix.

In an Italian or French title, only the very first word of the title is capitalized with some exceptions such as proper nouns. Everything else is left as it is as if saying a sentence. In French, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix is 'Harry Potter et l'Ordre du phénix.'

The only reason that 'ordre' is capitalized is because the title itself is the equivalent of saying 'Harry Potter: Order of Phoenix.' That colon (:) makes all the difference.

The Italian title is Harry Potter e l'Ordine della Fenice. The reason why 'ordine' and 'fenice' are capitalised is because translators have decided to interpret the name as a proper noun.

Now, why did I explain this to you? Because several of the titles are written using the English capitalisation rules. ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enchantix Tenca Missing Wings

This is the original enchantix Tenca picture that was release when season three was first coming out. Now this is one of the newer pictures released late in season three:

Notice how she is missing the bottom limbs of her wings? What happened there?

Bloom's Mysterious Dress

Honestly, where is this dress from?! I've been seeing it all over the internet on foreign sites. This dress looks an awful lot like a wedding dress except she has the hair accessories from her enchantix form. Doesn't it?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Stella!

Today is Stella's 21st birthday! Happy birthday, Stella!

I wonder what the girls will get her?

Friday, August 07, 2009

Character Sketches

Here are some ten-year old sketches of Bloom and Flora. Yep, according to the official website, these are from 1999.

I'm guessing that these are the original character sketches. Doesn't Flora look cute in glasses?

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I came across this Winx Club Season 4: In English petition. Apparently someone is going to send it in to 4kids to show how much we all want a forth season in English. The part they wrote can be found here.

To add to the 602 signatures and help Winx Club get it's forth season in English, click here.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New Outfits!

Now the English Winx Club website has caught up to the Italian one and is offering new outfits for your avatar! Check them out!

I bought the entire Flora-esque outfit, and the Hawaii-style flowered skirt over the bathing suit, and I love them both!

Does this one look familiar? It's a original Flora!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Winx Club Movie: Comming Soon?

I just recieved this message from Theodora:

"OH omg, so i went to the mall a couple of days ago and went to the f.y.e and asked about Winx....i also went to Blockbuster and they both said that the winx movie was coming out in the us sometime in September!!!!!"

So, does that mean the Winx Club movie will be here soon? I'm waiting for a response to my question of where she lives so I can find out who it's heading to. Aren't you all excited?

UPDATE!!! She said she lives in the USA! Yes!