Saturday, July 04, 2009

Winx Club Based Off Real Women

I was going through Italian Wikipedia again and I was reading about the production of season one went on and how the girls' creations were 'inspired' by real-life people.
"Inoltre per rendere immediatamente familiari le protagoniste della serie agli spettatori, si è scelto di modellare i loro volti su quelli di celebri personaggi dello spettacolo. Quindi Bloom ha le fattezze della popstar Britney Spears, Stella ricorda l'attrice Cameron Diaz, Flora è ispirata a Jennifer Lopez, Musa all'attrice cinese-americana Lucy Liu, Aisha alla ex-Destiny's Child Beyonce Knowles mentre Tecna alla cantante P!nk."
Basically in English:
"Besides making the members of the immediate family the protagonists of the series to the viewers,"

Trust me, even I don't know what that means.

"They chose to model their [Winx Club's] faces/personalities to those of celebrities. Bloom has the features/characteristics of popstar Britney Spears, Stella looks like actress Cameron Diaz, Flora was inspired by Jennifer Lopez, Musa is to actress Lucy Liu, Aisha is to ex-Destiny's Child member Beyonce Knowles while Tecna looks like the singer Pink."
Bloom was modeled after Britney Spears?! I never saw that coming. It's also been stated Bloom is based off his Iginio Straffi's wife Joanne. Originally, season two was supposed be about Bloom trying to find her parents but that was left off and turned into the movie "Winx Club: Secret of the Lost Kingdom." Bloom was based off a woman that Staffi met in university who was adopted and dearly wanted to know who were her real parents.
This is from the article I segreto di Iginio Straffi (The Secret of Iginio Straffi) sourced to that statement:
"Il viso. Psicologicamente le cose sconosciute hanno un impatto peggiore nel nostro inconscio rispetto ai volti che già guardiamo e amiamo ogni giorno. Perché allora non prendere spunto per il volto delle winx da personaggi noti dello spettacolo?"
"The face. Psychologically, things that we do not know have a negative impact on our subconsciousness in respect to things that we are already familiar with and we like to see everyday. Why not profit from this and make the Winx characters look familiar?"
So wait, does that mean Flora is supposed to look hispanic because she's modeled after Jennifer Lopez? The article never explicitly said that they were but images on the article seem to make it so.


  1. I saw this article, too. I'm glad it's just their looks and not their personalities. They all have their good sides, of course, but let's face it: celebs have issues. =\

  2. I feel sorry for Brit. She's had it hard ):

  3. OMG Musa's character is off of Lucy Liu, awww, thats awsome = )

  4. I remember reading or hearing about this somewhere. Lucy Liu is a great Actress/ Voice Actress who voiced Silvermist in Disney's TinkerBell movie.

    As for flora being hispanic, I had a feeling that she was since I saw episode two of season one. I think that its cool that Iginio Straffi based each member of the winx club a diffrent ethnics

  5. Um don't really see it with Bloom and Brittany but ok...maybe in the nose and the innocent eyes. And Cameron for Stella? hmmm tricky, i would have to say weird i guess, but its ok

    And yes Flora is hispanic, while Musa's chinese, Tecna is british, and Layla is African american...Iginio did A LOT of different ethnics, like lovebird said...

    And i think it's very cool that Musa is off of Lucy Liu

    Tecna and Pink? Um just because she has pink hair, or used to, i can't keep up wit celebs, but their personalities certainly don't match

    I can see Flora and Layla looking like their celebs though...

  6. Musa isn't necessarily Chinese, but she is most diffidently Asian. I would have said Japanese.

  7. Personally, I think she's a 'generic' Chinese. As in you think she's Chinese but not quite Chinese because pretty much any of the other Asian ethnics including the Pacific islanders will either have extremely tan skin or looks like an American Native. Actually, I'm kind of offended to consider her Chinese considering the fact that she's as white as Tecna.

    As for Flora, I always thought she was somebody that would look slightly Indian or Middle Eastern.

    1. I think Musa is Chinese because some of her clothes and her style resembles traditional clothes of China and red is a traditional color in China. And just so you know, Chinese(Tionghoa) is not only mentioned for the people from China, it can be from around the world as long as their ancestors are Chinese. Japanese ancestors are from China, you know? People from Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan can also be considered as Chinese (Tionghoa). And yes, most Asian people are Chinese because their ancestors are from China. One more thing, Musa's whiteness is rather yellow that resembles Chinese, while Tecna's whiteness is rather pink like British people.

  8. She's an American-born Chinese. She's been in some notable movies like Charlie's Angels, Lucky Number Slevin and Sin City. As a voice actress, I only know that she has been in Kung Fu Panda.

    I keep mistaking her for Devon Aoki.

  9. Lucy Liu also does Silvermist in TinkerBell. Boo Tinkerbell! Go Winx!!

    Although I do kinda like Silvermist and Rani, the water fairies, Layla the water fairy of Winx (obvious) and Irma the water fairy from WITCH. Anyone see a trend?

    Water fae at heart.

  10. Oh sorry love bird girl you said the silvermist thing. Sorry.

  11. Who is Roxy based on?

  12. TheAwesomeSkyDancerFan40July 10, 2009 at 5:18 AM

    Maybe Miley Cyrus??

  13. Totally Mad QueenJuly 14, 2009 at 5:01 AM

    I can see what u mean but I thought more of Miranda Cosgrove.

  14. Um why the heck did Roxyrox43222 post right after me???? Who is she and how does she do it?

  15. Bloom reminds me more of the lady who acted MJ in the Spider Man movies, more than Brit anyway.

  16. straffys mother in law. except rocksys not fat

  17. Some character-ethnic-group notes:

    Tecna in Rai is american, but in 4kids she is british, so lets call her english descendent.

    I thought Flora was more Philipian than Hispanic...interesting

    Bloom is Irish (Hello! Red hair, fair skin and blue eyes!)

    Stella is obviously a California-girl.

    Layla is like Sabrina or Venus Williams. (They ROCK!)

    Musa dresses up in a more Chinese style than any other oriantal heritage style.

    And Roxy is most likely American, but she seams like someone from Philadelphia to me for some reason...

    1. hi guys i love winx boo to all vilms winx is moe best its a story film not camady

    2. my real name is acally roxy its not why i love winx tho i love ir cuz its not ficon its acally real

  18. Roxy is German on her father's side, I believe.

  19. Lianna Jones Is The #1 Amentia Fan IN THE UNIVERSE!August 12, 2009 at 3:20 PM

    Amentia is egyptian :)

  20. guys its like this

    Tecna: Zenith/Binary or whatever/Tecno Fairyland
    Bloom: Sparx/Domino
    Stella: Solaria
    Flora: Linphea/The 5th moon of Marygold
    Roxy: German (Earth)
    Aisha/Layla: Andros/tides
    Amentia: Downland or La Regno Subteraneo

    Why are there so much names? ITS MADNESS!!

  21. 2nd part of my post

    For Flora its also All Green Fairyland
    And I forgot:
    Musa: Melody, Harmonic Nebula, Melodic Fairy Land.

    They aren't ALL from Earth. Only Roxy. OK? If I didn't understand of something (I have been known to do division when we do algebra) tell me ok?

  22. I mean or something, not of something.

  23. i think flora looks much like christina milian lucy lui is good for musa but she is kinda old on the face other than that she is perfect. and brit........ no way..... bloom is for Amy adams also kristen dunts (spiderman mj) stella is for hayden panettiere and tecna is avril.


    Bloom - Irish (Obviously)
    Stella - Italian (I think she looks more American)
    Flora - Hispanic (Of course)
    Musa - Chinese
    Tecna - British/American
    Layla - African-American
    Roxy- Half german half USA

  25. I always assumed Roxy was German too! I made up "Brandt" as her last name, and people on Facebook are stealing it. :/

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  27. Technically Musa is Melodian. She is from the planet Melody.

  28. winx culb is sooooooooooooo cool it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Not sure about Bella and the other actress, but I'll go along with it

  30. Come on you guys!!!??? Roxy is so not German (even though Roxy Brandt if you pronounce Brandt correctly sounds cool). I am German and I have never, ever seen a German looking like her in any way. Sooo lets face it Gardenia is Italian, so ROXY IS ITALIAN.

  31. @Anon above me, Gardenia is not in Italy as the Winx Had to go to Italy to meet Sybella. When the Winx fly to Earth you can clearly see Gardenia is in Southern California (as it zooms in on there) where they rarely see snow. Roxy may not look German to you but she does to many, even me but has enough American blood in her to look different. Stella is the only ITALIAN there is,Musa is Aisian, Bloom is Irish-American, Flora is Latina, Tecna is English and Aisha is African.

  32. Bloom is Britney Spears? I did NOT see that coming!