Thursday, July 02, 2009

Season Finale Information?

Remember when we first freaked about Stella dying in season four and then coming back and then it finally turned out to be a hoax once we finally saw the episodes? Well, someone has added more episode titles to Italian Wikipedia. The titles for episodes 14 to 20 have already been stated as below: (and commented by the Oblivious Prattler)

14) Animali nel bisogno (Animals in Need)
15) Cita di mystero (Mystery Town)
  • I should probably note now that the above Italian title is grammatically incorrect. The English word mystery should be mistero in Italian. Cita also means 'quote' in English as where città means 'city.' Obviously, this is an English hoax considering the lack of grasp of Italian language.
16) Dovè Roxy? (Where Roxy?)
  • This title is just plainly grammatically incorrect! Anyone who even knows an iota of French can see how bad the infrastructure of this sentence is. You have the adverb 'where' (dove); you have the noun that you are looking for (Roxy) but you do not have the verb in the middle that connects the adverb to the noun! Correctly, it should be 'Dov'è Roxy?' (Where IS Roxy?)
17) Incontri il nuovo, Trix! (The New Encounter, Trix!)
18) Believix potere Winx (Believix Power Winx! or Believix Power of Winx!)
19) Una storia di amore (A Love Story)
  • Once again, this is grammatically incorrect. It should be 'Una storia d'amore.'
20) Il segreto di Sky (The Secret of Sky or Sky's Secret)

The above titles are probably fakes, in my opinion, because they are not cited or sourced and they were directly taken from Italian Wikipedia. This is old news anyways.

What is truly startling is that someone wrote in the episode names for 22, 24 and 26 but not 21, 23 and 25. The titles as well are somewhat troubling:

21) ?
22) La vita segreta di Stella (The Secret Life of Stella or Stella's Secret Life)
23) ?
24) La vendetta degli stregoni (The Revenge of the Witches)
25) ?
26) Finalmente insieme (Finally Together or Together At Last)

La vita segreta di Stella
Hmm...I don't know what to think about this. It can mean many things such as her trying to her parents together or she's actually cheating on Brandon to get back at him because of that Mizti incident if it's still on going by this point in the season (I mean even though they are together, I think after episode thirteen, something might still happen between them again putting them apart again). "I can look, but I can't touch!" Stella said once or something like that. He flirts with other girls as much as much she flirts with other guys, Brandon once stated. Hmm...

La vendetta degli stregoni
Unless the every notable villain that has not been destroyed joins up to make one ultimate team and pwns the Winx Club into season five (that being the Black Circle, the Trix and possibly Baltor), I still don't know what it means.

Finalmente insieme
Wonder of wonders! The season finale! This sounds like someone's finally going to get married or someone body is going to make up with someone else and move on.


  1. If this info. is true, I can't wait to see the episode Sky's Secret!!!!

  2. i think it may talk about her parents

  3. I am looking forward to Season 4. By the way, Baltor was destroyed by Bloom at the end of season 3.

  4. i think it would be cool if baltor the trix and the fairy hunters all came back and teemed up!

  5. I hope that, the Stella think it's rumor.

  6. the episodes of 14-26 are rumor

  7. Griselda's DaughterSeptember 23, 2009 at 11:22 PM

    What about the "Tecna dies, and is replaced by Roxy for season five" rumor? Was this proven false?

  8. I've never heard that one!