Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Season 4 International EUROPEAN Release

First of all, don't get your hopes up because this is not about us getting the 4kids dub. It has been stated that the rest of Europe will be releasing season four of the Winx Club in October.

"Winx Club fashion dolls continue to storm the market, according to licensor Rainbow, based on figures from NPD, as season 4 premieres across Europe. The property, with 600 licensees worldwide and $2 billion in revenues to date, is currently airing on more than 150 networks in 130 countries.

The fourth season of the animation, comprising 26×30, launched in Italy in April and will launch October 2009 in the rest of Europe.

Rainbow’s strategy to back the launch includes heavy promotion, plus coordinated launches of product — a new doll collection, with wardrobes created by Italian designers, will be followed by 10 fashion collections launched over a year. Television campaigns, as well as trade and consumer press advertising, will support each broadcast launch. There will be a strong focus on the Christmas line of deluxe dolls.

I look forward to seeing the French version (because I speak French). By the way, happy Canada Day for any of you Canadians.



  1. Happy Canada Day REALLY late! (I'm from Montreal.)

  2. well it is october no wait it ended but no season 4 only in italy damn them

  3. Aww. Come on europe gets season four but not the USA, can some one tell rai that 4kids
    isn't dubbing winx club.

  4. t hope I get to see some of it when i go to see my
    grandperents in Russia!Thanks for the info!!!