Friday, July 10, 2009

Reminder: Contest

Deadline: September 1st

Kikurukina has revived my old fanfiction contest from back when I started this blog. She had posted the rules and instructions on this post originally, but if you want to read them, I'll have you go to the post Fanfiction Contest.

Anyway, you can submit your own story involving the forth season of Winx Club! I've thought long and hard over a prize, but guess what? I couldn't decide. So, I'm going to offer something I've been asked for a lot lately: a place as one of the writers on this blog. Yeah, it's not big, but it's all I could come up with.

Email your stories to me, and Kikurukina and I will judge. Good luck!

P.S. If you have a story, please email it to me rather than leave it in a comment. I won't pick up fics that are submitted through comments.


  1. Do you have a limit for the length of it?

  2. I've put a minimum of 350 but the maximum is up to you as long as you keep it tasteful. As I said, we don't want 50,000 word epics.

  3. Excuse me, but just minor swears like suck and stuff right?

  4. 'Suck' isn't much of a swear word as much as the wrong word to describe a situation but I don't mind. Any religious or dirty swearing, there might issues depending on usage but if someone uses the F-word because someone broke several of their rips and they're in excruciating pain, it's okay. Keep it to the situation.

  5. I didn't realize it was a contest, but okay. Can we neter more than one fic? I've got two I'd like to put in.

  6. Well, it's a quasi-contest, I guess. I'm just rebooting it. This contest is purely for fun, first and foremost.

  7. Can we enter more than one fic? Ah, never mind, I'll just enter The Audition from my FFN account. I don't have a link right now, though. If I remember, I'll bring one later.

  8. Cool! I've been wanted to write a fan fiction for season four for a while now, already working a on a cross over fan-fiction which winx club is involed but no Cannon characters are in it just some OC I made up (see my artwork on the fan creation page for two of my characters, Avery and her bonded pixie prism)

    I would love to enter I guess I can put the fiction on hold so I can write one for the contest.

  9. Title: We Are Family
    Author: Nikey Hikes
    Summary: The Trix come back
    Main Characters: Musa Stormy Roxy Icy
    Rating: G
    Geren: Uhmm i guess Thriller Mystery

    (Takes place with stormy laying on the ground powerless. everyone except musa and roxy are about to destroy stormy)


    (Musa Slides in front of stormy)


    (Stella,Tecna,Flora,Bloom,Layla look surprised)

    Stella: Musa! Why did you do that?

    Stormy: Musica Summer Marango! GET UP RIGHT NOW!

    Tecna: And Who is Musica?

    Musa: I Musica.
    Its my real name

    Winx Minus Musa: WHAT?

    Tecna: How does stormy know that?

    Musa: Shes my sister, When a girl fairy has a power like ice,storms, or even wind they have to pick to be a fairy or witch on their 13th birthday, Stormy picked witch because when we were little and even now we never liked each other so she wanted to be my poler oposite.....Evil!

    Stormy: Yeah,and im still very evil!


    To Be Continued

  10. can You Tell Stella Solaria/ Phoebe that I want to enter the fanfiction ive been sending to her for a while now? I've got one more chapter to write though .................anyways ill just tell her

  11. She's away at the moment so I can't contact her.

  12. I've got it, Bloomerica.

  13. People have been asking to be on the blog?

  14. Yep. It's surprising.