Sunday, July 05, 2009

Origins: Wizards of the Black Circle

I came across this sentence while reading Italian Wikipedia again:
"In questa serie gli antagonisti sono un gruppo di stregoni, chiamati Ogron, Duman, Anagan e Gantlos, provenienti nientemeno che dalla Terra!"
Which basically means in English: (I tell you now that I translated to French first and then translated to English by myself so that it keeps the sentence structure as much as unchanged as possible.)
"In this season, the antagonists are a group of wizards called Ogron, Duman, Anagan and Gantlos coming from none other than Earth!"
They're FROM Earth?! Like 'from' as in 'born' on Earth?!

If everyone knew that already, I so missed when they said that... Moving on!
"Il loro scopo รจ trovare l'ultima fata della Terra, per rubarne il potere, come hanno fatto da secoli con tutte le altre fate del pianeta."
"Their goal is to find the last Earth fairy so they can steal her powers, like they have done from centuries with all the other fairies of the planet."
Which leads to me ask: why do they need that power so badly? What happens after if they actually steal Roxy's powers?


  1. To answer your question, the Fairy Hunters need the last fairy of Earth's powers so they can take over Earth and have all the good from there be gone forever. This will help with their future goals *hint hint*

    The real question that you need to be asking is: Why don't they take Bloom's power too? (In one episode on season 4 they specfically said that they have taken all the power from EVERY fairy from Earth, except Blooms. So again I ask Why not Bloom's??)

  2. Bloom wasn't an Earth-born fairy.

  3. My question is this: why are they only after fairies from Earth? If they need power, why not raid the Magical Dimension? It'd make a lot more sense to capture all the students at Alfea than to chase after one fairy on a non-magical planet.

  4. There has to be something about the power of Earth fairies. Maybe they're trying to eliminate magic on Earth so that no one can challenge their power?

  5. I always thought Gantlos would be from Melody, like Musa, because he has powers such as sound blasts and what not.........

  6. eliminate magic on earth because the humans belief in magic is very impt.

  7. which one is ogron red hair or brown

  8. who is who
    the only thing
    I know is that ogron
    is the red hair guy

    1. I know Ogron, Gantlos (blonde hair guy), Dumon (red hair sticking up) and the guy with brown hair in a bun, working on it...don't know his name...

    2. Actually, I know now. The last guy is Anagan. And it's Duman, not Dumon. My bad.