Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update Your Online Wardrobe!

The outfit selection on the official Italian site has been updated with Magix's most trendy summer fashions! Although my account on the Italian site isn't properly working, it's fair to say that these outfits are super fantastic absolutely totally fab.

The girls could get a cute little sundress or a summery tube-top style shirt.

The boys on the site have the chance to buy this new wetsuit-type outfit and a cool line bandana.

Riven or Jason?

It looks like we have a lot of Riven fans, seeing as in the poll, Riven is beating Jason by A LOT! Jason only has 10% of the votes that Riven has, which means that very few of you would be in favor of Musa leaving Riven for her producer.

Winx Club Magazine! Issue 64!

The next issue of the Winx Club magazine is out! Summer Holiday promises an interview with a famous Italian dancer, and a new Winx Club bathing suit; this time, one that seems more appropriate for little kids.
In the description for the comic that's included with the magazine, there is also a mention of "magic" being synonymous with "jealousy". What could this mean? Another mystery is the line "The tricks of the Trix or the smile of a well-known singer?" What could this mean?

Aquafan's Winx Day

I can't believe I totally missed this!

Turns out that in Italy, our favorite fairies visited a water park, and attracted quite a crowd! During their stay, they performed Italian Winx Club songs like "Mambichiwambo".

The girls representing the Winx fairies didn't look as much like the girls as they could have, but the costumes were so fantastic that it doesn't realy matter!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fairy Wings

I noticed a couple of days maybe even a month but don`t Diaspro and Stella have similar wing designs?

Really, Diaspro has one or more wings-limbs in the cartoon and the tip designs are inverted but the similarities are there.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Exciting News!

Great news! I don't know how she does it, but The Oblivious Prattler of Una di Noi has dug up some fantastic news... We won't soon see the end of Winx Club! Apparently there's yet another movie planned!

So, here's what we have to wait for, along with the first movie and the forth season that some of us are still waiting for:

-Winx Club: The Movie II
-Season 5
-Winx Club: The Movie III

At least, that's the order I'm guessing they'll come in. I bet that the third movie will be the series finale.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Well, I'm off for aerospace camp with the Air Cadets and I won't be back 'til the 9th of August. Have a nice vacation everyone!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Reminder: Contest

Deadline: September 1st

Kikurukina has revived my old fanfiction contest from back when I started this blog. She had posted the rules and instructions on this post originally, but if you want to read them, I'll have you go to the post Fanfiction Contest.

Anyway, you can submit your own story involving the forth season of Winx Club! I've thought long and hard over a prize, but guess what? I couldn't decide. So, I'm going to offer something I've been asked for a lot lately: a place as one of the writers on this blog. Yeah, it's not big, but it's all I could come up with.

Email your stories to me, and Kikurukina and I will judge. Good luck!

P.S. If you have a story, please email it to me rather than leave it in a comment. I won't pick up fics that are submitted through comments.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Layla has Pink Hair?

Why does she have pink hair? Is it supposed to make us like her more?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Pixie Pets

Don't the pixie pets look familiar? Seriously, don't they look like something that we've already seen before?

As in maybe they look like Hasbro's Littlest Pet Shop?Seriously, if they had wings, there would be no mistaking the difference. The pixie pets did start out as little dolls in a warehouse before Flora spelled them into life.


Helia's Hair

I wrote this a while ago but I might as well post this.
Personally, I think that they could have done better animating it--really, I do. Especially when you compare to previous cartoons and comics that have had long-haired characters. At this point, due to the horrible quality of its animation, I really think that they should have just stuck with his old style. I do admit, though, that were scenes that they did partially well but could have been done better.
Now, who am I to say that they could have done better? Seriously, I know how to draw and been drawing manga for eight years. For those of you who've seen my works in the FanArt section, I know it looks like I can only draw Winx Club-style but if you visit my DeviantArt account and go through my gallery, you'll see some of my manga pieces. If you haven't seen my Winx Club drawings, here are some examples: Flora and Roxy. Here's a manga piece, just in case: link.

This is my interpretation (a manga one) of Helia and how they could have possibly styled his hair:

Next, if Helia is working at a bar (the Frutti Music Bar), shouldn't he tie his hair up in a ponytail for sanitary reasons considering that he works around people's food? Do you like finding hairs in your food? At least, that's how I think it works.

At any rate, the animators failed epically when they first tried to introduce his new hairstyle in. Aesthetically, it's not pleasing anyone. His hairline is a third of the way up his skull, first of all and that pretty much destroyed everything.

Let's admit that animating characters with long hair is bothersome for animators (look at what they did for Katara in Avatar: the Last Airbender: pilot episode commentary). Anyways, it's tiresome to animate considering that Helia has to fight hand-to-hand for a fair amount and there's probably a lot of hair movement to consider when they animate. When you think about it, it sounds like super lame reason if we look at other shows and comics such as Neji Hyuga from Masashi Kishimoto's ever popular Naruto:

This ninja has freakin' long hair (that's tied in a loose pony tail in the back) and he gets into some serious and epic fighting during the series! I'm surprised that none of his opponents have pulled on it get the upper hand or try to cut it. As far as I know, he does not have a thing for hair and more or less wears it that way out of tradition in his family.

Now let's look at the statue version of Yasha from Clamp's famous manga series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles (chapter 54):

Okay, so he's a statue in this picture (and he happens to be a god). Towards later in the series the main characters of the comic travel into some alternate dimension where Yasha is a real person and looks just like that. Point being, this is pretty much the same hair style as Helia's except much longer.

The animators really could have done a better job.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Winx Club Forum!

The Winx Club forum has opened on the official website! Visit it to chat with other fans!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Map of the Magical World

A map! Yay!

As you can (or maybe can't, it's kinda small) see, most of the realms listed throughout the series appear here with names according to the Rai version), only missing some very important one like Melody and Zenith. I'm actually surprised that Espero was included, because it played such a small roll.

The screenshot was taken (by me) from the official site, and I added on the tags.

I think that in Winx Club reality, Earth isn't that close to the other realms. But it's a site for kids, so it doesn't really matter.

Origins: Wizards of the Black Circle

I came across this sentence while reading Italian Wikipedia again:
"In questa serie gli antagonisti sono un gruppo di stregoni, chiamati Ogron, Duman, Anagan e Gantlos, provenienti nientemeno che dalla Terra!"
Which basically means in English: (I tell you now that I translated to French first and then translated to English by myself so that it keeps the sentence structure as much as unchanged as possible.)
"In this season, the antagonists are a group of wizards called Ogron, Duman, Anagan and Gantlos coming from none other than Earth!"
They're FROM Earth?! Like 'from' as in 'born' on Earth?!

If everyone knew that already, I so missed when they said that... Moving on!
"Il loro scopo è trovare l'ultima fata della Terra, per rubarne il potere, come hanno fatto da secoli con tutte le altre fate del pianeta."
"Their goal is to find the last Earth fairy so they can steal her powers, like they have done from centuries with all the other fairies of the planet."
Which leads to me ask: why do they need that power so badly? What happens after if they actually steal Roxy's powers?

Mermaid 'Outfits?'

Stella is a little too tan.
Check it, it's season one wings!

I found these while going through the internet (I think Angela's Winx World) and also reading the Oblivious Prattler's post about this and I wonder, are these real? Also, I could not find Tecna, Musa or suprisingly Layla's.

Actually, I found one for Layla but it's the chibified version from the video tutorials on the official site. Once again, season one wings!

This seems to prove that they will have one adventure under the sea at some point in the series (Maybe season five?) but this could be false. Although, why they bother making mermaid stock art of such good quality if they never use it? Is it possible that while Layla is getting ready to get married on Tides that the girls will have some type of underwater adventure?

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Winx Club English Intro WITH LYRICS

Winx! We're back again! Winx! Together friends!
Fighting side by side 'cause we bring together magic
Winx! Forever with you, dreams are coming true
It's the power of Believix!

Everyday, we're ready to play, everyday, we're living in a fairy tale
We'll be free, just take my hand
And remember the more you want, the more you get
It's the power of Believix!

Winx! We're back again! Winx! Together friends!
Fighting side by side 'cause we bring together magic
Winx! Forever with you, dreams are coming true
It's the power of Believix!

Winx! Raise up your hands! Winx! You're my best friend!
Leading side by side, love is just the kind of magic
Flying high in the blue, dreams are coming true
It's the present brought for me and you, it's the magic brought for me and, Winx!

Winx Club Based Off Real Women

I was going through Italian Wikipedia again and I was reading about the production of season one went on and how the girls' creations were 'inspired' by real-life people.
"Inoltre per rendere immediatamente familiari le protagoniste della serie agli spettatori, si è scelto di modellare i loro volti su quelli di celebri personaggi dello spettacolo. Quindi Bloom ha le fattezze della popstar Britney Spears, Stella ricorda l'attrice Cameron Diaz, Flora è ispirata a Jennifer Lopez, Musa all'attrice cinese-americana Lucy Liu, Aisha alla ex-Destiny's Child Beyonce Knowles mentre Tecna alla cantante P!nk."
Basically in English:
"Besides making the members of the immediate family the protagonists of the series to the viewers,"

Trust me, even I don't know what that means.

"They chose to model their [Winx Club's] faces/personalities to those of celebrities. Bloom has the features/characteristics of popstar Britney Spears, Stella looks like actress Cameron Diaz, Flora was inspired by Jennifer Lopez, Musa is to actress Lucy Liu, Aisha is to ex-Destiny's Child member Beyonce Knowles while Tecna looks like the singer Pink."
Bloom was modeled after Britney Spears?! I never saw that coming. It's also been stated Bloom is based off his Iginio Straffi's wife Joanne. Originally, season two was supposed be about Bloom trying to find her parents but that was left off and turned into the movie "Winx Club: Secret of the Lost Kingdom." Bloom was based off a woman that Staffi met in university who was adopted and dearly wanted to know who were her real parents.
This is from the article I segreto di Iginio Straffi (The Secret of Iginio Straffi) sourced to that statement:
"Il viso. Psicologicamente le cose sconosciute hanno un impatto peggiore nel nostro inconscio rispetto ai volti che già guardiamo e amiamo ogni giorno. Perché allora non prendere spunto per il volto delle winx da personaggi noti dello spettacolo?"
"The face. Psychologically, things that we do not know have a negative impact on our subconsciousness in respect to things that we are already familiar with and we like to see everyday. Why not profit from this and make the Winx characters look familiar?"
So wait, does that mean Flora is supposed to look hispanic because she's modeled after Jennifer Lopez? The article never explicitly said that they were but images on the article seem to make it so.

Friday, July 03, 2009

False Season Five Downloads

Apparently, you can download season five of the Winx Club.
I don't think that this is true though.


Accounts On The Official Site

Once you've made an account on the Winx Club website, it allows you create an avatar and add other members as friends! Click on the blue and pink image (that looks like a camera) below your characters feet to add me (WinxFairyPhoebe) as a friend!

Stella's Parents

We all know Stella's parents experienced a divorce, and many Stella-related plots in earlier seasons had to do with her parents and their divorce, most notably the almost-wedding between Radius and Cassandra in season three.

Along with a misprint on Stella's mother's name (they put "Moon" instead of "Luna"), which was probably because of translating, they also said:

"everything turned right" in Radius and Luna/Moon's "love story"? Does this mean her parents will be getting back together? It's been a rumor for a long time, and I even posted about it in my first month. This might be something else we'll have to look forward to in the forth season! Or, at least the Rai version.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Season Finale Information?

Remember when we first freaked about Stella dying in season four and then coming back and then it finally turned out to be a hoax once we finally saw the episodes? Well, someone has added more episode titles to Italian Wikipedia. The titles for episodes 14 to 20 have already been stated as below: (and commented by the Oblivious Prattler)

14) Animali nel bisogno (Animals in Need)
15) Cita di mystero (Mystery Town)
  • I should probably note now that the above Italian title is grammatically incorrect. The English word mystery should be mistero in Italian. Cita also means 'quote' in English as where città means 'city.' Obviously, this is an English hoax considering the lack of grasp of Italian language.
16) Dovè Roxy? (Where Roxy?)
  • This title is just plainly grammatically incorrect! Anyone who even knows an iota of French can see how bad the infrastructure of this sentence is. You have the adverb 'where' (dove); you have the noun that you are looking for (Roxy) but you do not have the verb in the middle that connects the adverb to the noun! Correctly, it should be 'Dov'è Roxy?' (Where IS Roxy?)
17) Incontri il nuovo, Trix! (The New Encounter, Trix!)
18) Believix potere Winx (Believix Power Winx! or Believix Power of Winx!)
19) Una storia di amore (A Love Story)
  • Once again, this is grammatically incorrect. It should be 'Una storia d'amore.'
20) Il segreto di Sky (The Secret of Sky or Sky's Secret)

The above titles are probably fakes, in my opinion, because they are not cited or sourced and they were directly taken from Italian Wikipedia. This is old news anyways.

What is truly startling is that someone wrote in the episode names for 22, 24 and 26 but not 21, 23 and 25. The titles as well are somewhat troubling:

21) ?
22) La vita segreta di Stella (The Secret Life of Stella or Stella's Secret Life)
23) ?
24) La vendetta degli stregoni (The Revenge of the Witches)
25) ?
26) Finalmente insieme (Finally Together or Together At Last)

La vita segreta di Stella
Hmm...I don't know what to think about this. It can mean many things such as her trying to her parents together or she's actually cheating on Brandon to get back at him because of that Mizti incident if it's still on going by this point in the season (I mean even though they are together, I think after episode thirteen, something might still happen between them again putting them apart again). "I can look, but I can't touch!" Stella said once or something like that. He flirts with other girls as much as much she flirts with other guys, Brandon once stated. Hmm...

La vendetta degli stregoni
Unless the every notable villain that has not been destroyed joins up to make one ultimate team and pwns the Winx Club into season five (that being the Black Circle, the Trix and possibly Baltor), I still don't know what it means.

Finalmente insieme
Wonder of wonders! The season finale! This sounds like someone's finally going to get married or someone body is going to make up with someone else and move on.

Are the Trix really coming back?

I've just been browsing through the Winx Club site and I came across video tutorials page and went through that. I found a video called 'guarda como: giocare ad ali magiche' which roughly translates 'save as' for guarda como in Spanish and 'play magical wings' for giocare ad ali magiche in Italian. (Don't ask me why it works like that. I have no idea what went wrong there.)

Anyways, basically you're Bloom in the game you have to collect points while moving up the screen. Nothing special there.

What's really bothering me is this:

Are the Trix really coming back?
  • Look, we have already assumed that the rest of the season will take place in Alfea judging by how half of the scenes of the promo video take place with Alfea as the back drop. The game also starts off at Alfea's front gate.
  • There is also rumours flying about that Roxy will move to Alfea for who knows what reason.
  • Then we have this rumour about episode seventeen being called Incontri Il Nuovo, Trix! (The New Encounter, Trix!).
  • Bloom happens to be in her believix form.
  • The games from the official site are known for being contemporary to the series such as during Season 2 when there was a small action-adventure game where the girls had to defeat monsters of Shadowhaunt Pokemon-style or when there was a Kiko's adventure game where he went into Shadowhaunt to recue Bloom old Super Mario-style.
Will they actually move back to Alfea where they could better protect Roxy under the watchful eye of the three schools and their powerful headmasters--not to mention their students as well?

Or I can be reading into this too much. Well, we will only know when it actually comes out.