Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Winx Club Magazine! Issue 63!

The newest Winx Club magazine will be available soon... in Italy. Pages full of fashion, news, and just plain Winxiness await those who can buy it. Plus... what's wrong with Stella and Brandon in the comics? Appariently they get poisoned. Who would do that? Is there going to be a new enemy introduced in the comics, or maybe Mitzi's getting her revenge?

More than the poisoning, Stella's heart is troubled. "A mysterious girl has approached to Brandon!". Their relatinoship is troubled enough this season, what with Mitzi making her move. Do they really need more turmoil?

A Winx Club bathing suit is also mentioned. Is that just advertizing, or is the official site saying that the bathing suit is included in the purchase of the magazine?


  1. I should probably tell you that the Winx comics are not in the same timeline as the show. They only did this for season one. There are exceptions when they mention the events of Army of Decay and the Trix but that's it. The girls don't even have their charmix or enchantix transformations. Yep, that means season one winx transformations.

    Therefore, Mitzi will probably have no affect on the comic's plotline.

  2. Hmm... Interesting. I would have thought that maybe they followed the plotline of the show but wouldn't have any affect the show's plot in any way. Kinda like how the MegaMorphs books in the Animorphs series. Although Cassie does mention being a T-Rex in book nineteen... This isn't going anywhere. Sorry.

  3. Awww that bathing suit I would never buy... EVER... Cute 4 a little gurl, but the magazine is cute...

  4. do u have english sub ? well,,,,,i wanna read ...............and exited

  5. if any one have the english sub please go to livejournal and uploud it

  6. I think I know what "stupdo" means!Hee hee.

  7. I wish that the comics were here where I live btw I live in SANTA ANA California

  8. here are the subbs they are not fully correct their for the FIRST PAGE ONLY

    Kodatorta: Welcome back my boys!

    Brandon: Good Lord, Thank you!
    Person Next To Brandon: Hello Brandon!
    Timmy: Finally!

    Timmy: I am pleased to again,
    Stella how are you?You have news?
    Brandon:Ehmm I don't know!Is still bad I think

    Brandon:But I have to go to Sky!My place by his side!
    Timmy:Expects to go?

    Timmy:housing are at that part!
    Brandon:ah yes,that stupid...Chert

    are still out of phase, but I will
    resume soon! Now excuse me, but I have
    to go.