Saturday, June 20, 2009

Puppy Love

Remember Lady from season one? The dainty dog that adored Brandon (Sky)? Well, I've been thinking... Wouldn't her and Artu make a nice couple?

Here's a small excerpt from Verboten, a story writen by Kikurukina:

At Sky’s feet laid a whiter short-haired retriever. The new dog, unleashed, stood up and looked up towards Sky, tail wagging.
“Is that what you want boy?! Huh-huh?!” Roxy teased Artu. He pulled hard on his leash and made a whiny sound despite the tightness of collar. “Uh, good morning,” she said to the guys, “Where are the girls?” she asked, noting the lack of girls.
Artu pulled hard again, tail wagging excitedly. The other dog did not make any move towards to Artu and patiently and loyally stared at Sky.
“And, um, is that your dog?”
“Yes, this is Lady,” Sky answered. “As for the girls, they’re coming now.” He pointed to something behind her. She supposed that they were not far behind.
“Mind if I let him go?”
“Sure,” Sky said casually and pointed his attention to Lady, “Be nice.”
Roxy cautiously let go of the leash and it went flying out of her hand immediately. Artu went for Lady who started to give chase. They ran around the base of the lighthouse several times.
“Morning Roxy,” Bloom said as the girls came to join their little get-together. She yawned and took her place beside Sky. She noted Lady with a smile.

I must make note that Kikurukina took some liscense here in saying that Lady was Sky's dog. Sky is merely her favorite, she really belongs to RedFountain School.


  1. I wonder, would you get the same eversed the order of the names?

  2. Sorry, 'the same results if you reversed the order?'

  3. lol you actually did the love test for them :3 That's so cute if they do get together~

  4. In theory, Lady is a magical dog. I wonder if she has special abilities.

  5. Um can some one help me Im looking for a pic of artu were you se his whole body or just his head but i cant find one..can some one please post 1..

  6. Where'd u get the love test??

  7. yo where the heck did you get that love test

  8. It was on the old Winx Club home page! :D