Thursday, June 25, 2009

Older Winx Club Toys

I browsing through Google for Winx Club images when this caught my eye:

Isn't it adorable? This is a 4 cm tall cell phone accessory of Discorda, Cloud Tower's guardian of Codex pixie. After I found this, I was prompted to go through the site for more Winx Club paraphernalia. I came across several interesting things:

1) There's a Brandon doll... o.0; I knew that there was one for Sky...but Brandon? Why didn't they just make dolls of all the other guys, too?

2) There are 'flying' Winx Club dolls that happen to be a ripoff the Sky Dancers toyline and show. I should know--I had the toys and the video tapes. Sky Dancers originally came out in the 90s and its country of origin is France but because of its success, it came to America (I think that I could be wrong on this, though). The last doll is a Sky Dancer doll and is the exact model that I used to have. T.T I miss it... *sniff sniff*

Below is a clip from Youtube of the show (the English version). I advise that you watch the clip in high-quality so that the images don't look so choppy. I swear, the animation is a lot better! By the way, yes, this is show about cultural dancing diversity at a special dance academy. The main characters basically become these superheroes in an alternate universe based on dancing and flying. IT'S AWESOME!

God, I still think that this show is freakin' awesome. *cricket cricket*

I should probably note that the likelihood of finding these dolls in America is very slim due to the events of the Sky Dancer toy line. Many children got hurt by these toys they were not careful when playing with them. You need to be around a meter away from the toy to avoid injury but you need to be a like foot away to pull the cord to make it fly. This resulted in a lot of face-related injuries.

3) Who is this pixie?!

As far as I can understand, this is the pixie of 'selvafosca.' I have no idea what that means so I went to translate it using

'Selvafosca' = N/A
'Selva' = mass, horde, woods/forest
'fosca' = dark, gloomy, hazy (there are actually more words but those three sum up the general idea)

Which leads to me to believe that this pixie is THE pixie of the dark forest. No actually name was given for this pixie, as far as I know. I even checked However, she can be found on the Pixie Village page if you click the yellow arrow in the corner.

Maybe I'll comment on some past Winx Club toys such as the ballerina line but for now, I'm happy. What's your opinion on the Brandon doll, the Sky Dancer dolls or the mysterious pixie?


  1. I have the Sky Dancers doll! Camille, right!

  2. I think it's funny that you would compare sky dancers and Winx because I remember going to my friends house with my Winx DVD and she showed me her sky dancers, and we were debating on which one had a better theme song. :D

  3. hi flora.i am alba.i am your fan.i love are so beautiful and your boyfriend its perfekt.

    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey can u give me the site Pixie Village?
    I found an interesting Pixie site on which Ninfea says on italian `hi welcome to SELVAFOSCA`

  5. i miss the old winx club web site

  6. !!!!sky dancers!!! that brings back memories! me and my best friend used to be obsessed with them.We bought almost every sky dancer doll we could find. 2We played with them and our winx club dolls, :) what happened to the good old days? . . . :(

  7. Layla n Amentia :)August 14, 2010 at 4:24 AM

    I still play with them a bit. :p I have eight.

  8. The pixie's name is Merry :) Proberly the pixie of the dark forest?

  9. i do not really any of this toys

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  11. I actually have that sky dancers doll!