Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's in Your Roots

Be warned! I ate macaroni and cheese prior to writing this post. I am not responsible for any aneurisms or cardiac arrests that may ensue while reading this post. You have been warned.
This has been nagging me since the episode where they visited Eraklyon and rescued Diaspro from Yoshinoya.

How does this:

Make this?:

I know I'm being ridiculous here but it's just the blond, the red and the brown/black hair thing is bothering me. I know genetically that two non-blond people who carry the blond gene can make a blond baby but while I'm on the subject of blonds, let's look back at another notable blond, specifically a princess whom we all love and hate:

Diaspro! Wow, she looks innocent and not-so malevolent towards Bloom in this picture.

Doesn't she look like she could be related to Sky if we compare the colour of Sky's bangs with Diaspro's curls?

Colour-wise, they're only a few shades off but imagine in reality where they were real people. The similarity would be undeniable.

Now, let's have a look at Bloom:

"Who? Me?"

Here is Samara, Queen of Eraklyon:

Have you noticed that they both have red hair?

Okay, okay, I know, Miriam is red-headed, too.

Which brings up a better question: Her curls?

We have all learned at some point that we humans evolved to have curly hair so that we can block the entry of UV rays into our bodies. But Miriam's (or as she is called in Italian, Marion) fiery locks are making wonder about a certain blond princess--by the way, it should be noted that Miriam's curls extend all the way to her back and not just her bangs.

Can Queen Miriam possibly be related to our precious Princess Diaspro? Dun, dun, dun...

Not only is there that to think about but also the fact both Queen Samara of Eraklyon and Queen Miriam of Sparks/Domino are red-haired as well. Could they be related as well?

Okay, I'm done.

By no means, does prove that anyone in the show is related to anyone else. It is not substantial evidence. God, this post was purely made so I could point Sky's parent's hair colour and the prince/king himself. I didn't intend for it to go this far... -.-;


Brandon looking cool.

Aww...look at the cute couple!


  1. hehe^^ are right and his dad and mum ...doesn't really look alike ...
    but Bloom and her mum are same ..
    Diaspro and Sky look alike too...
    so funny ^^

  2. but bloom's mum and sky's mum REALLY LOOK ALIKE ~~~

  3. For all we know Bloom's Family AND Sky's family could alll be related.
    But that's really a shoking discovery I didn't notice before, how can Sky's parents give birth to a BLOND baby when they're not even BLOND themselves!!! The odds of that are like really slim!!!

  4. It's still possible but it doesn't happen very often. Two non-blonds with the genes give birth to a blond. Possible but rare.

  5. My parents have dark hair and my sister is a blond...

  6. I LOVE WINXCLUB!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dude both my parents have brown hair and I'm happens.

    Although for a cartoon character, yes you would think they'd make the dad blond or something. But i guess they wanted a red head mom and a brunette dad. But it's not impossible...

    And I could totally see Diaspro and Sky being related...that'll get her off his back

  8. i am blond, my dad has black hair, my mom has dark brown hair... but me my bro and one of my sister's are blond... but i see what u are say and some people when they grow up their hair turns darker that could be a possibility

  9. sky shud not grow up atall

  10. my whole family (mom dad sis) have blackish brown hair and i have brown.

  11. ew wat if sky got married to bloom and then they figured out they was related.

  12. Interesting... You have a good eye. But stop thinking about the genetics and the way wings are in the Believix (I saw your comment) because... IT IS A CARTOON!!!!! THEY ARE ALL SUPPOSED TO LOOK PRETTY!! THAT IS IT!! GET OVER IT! So yeah. Remember... CARTOON!!

  13. I have been wondering how Sky got his blonde hair...

  14. I don't really know how that could happen, but get this. Only one of my grandmothers had blonde hair, my aunt doesn't, my parents don't, and my brother doesn't; and what do you know, I have blonde hair! Isn't that weird? BTW, awesome site you guys!

  15. ? . . . wow, never thought of it like that! 0_0 !

  16. i think the dark secret is that there was hostility betwween domino and eraklyon.or sky could have been adopted

  17. My sister told me this is known as continuous variation! It can happen and it is a CARTOON!