Monday, June 01, 2009

Flashbacks: Season One

You know, I thought now was than never to look back in the past few years. Remember when it first came out on January 28, 2004 (to North America, that is)? Gosh, it's been five years since it first came out... I feel old.

So, let's go back to season one and remind ourselves of how far the show has gotten and the obstacles that Bloom faced while discovering the magical universe. It started with a simple walk in the park with Kiko...

After a fight with Knut, our long forgotten ogre and once mascot of the Trix with Pepe (the duck!) as his sidekick, Bloom brought home the strange girl who she learned to be as Stella, one of her greatest best friends in the entire magical universe.

And then,
he came later that night to defend her home...

His name is
Brandon, Prince Sky's bodyguard and a squire from Eraklyon.


The boys...sigh. So cute.


  1. are you gonna do the rest of season 1 along with season 2 and 3?

  2. Sky's name was Brandon! That still cracks me up! Brandon, Sky Brandon, Sky! Sky fits him better, definitely. PS, I made my name when sky was brandon, so it should be iluvbrandon lol!

  3. i like it , haha ! the name switching is really funny , when i watch it at first i was a little woozy by the names ! >.< haha

  4. BloomxSkyLover4everOctober 28, 2009 at 3:58 PM

    I remember when I 1st watched it, when I was like...7 or 8 and I got so confused by the Brandon/Sky thing.

  5. In the first episode it was summer break and Bloom's Birthday! Bloom's Birthday is in December!

  6. You're right! That's in the RAI version, right? That's so weird!

  7. No, 4 kids. I just found another mistake! In season 1 episode 3 Miss Faragonda announced the back to school dance. She said, "I remember my first dance.I met my husband there." So shouldn't she be Mrs. Faragonda? It's probably the same for MRS. Griselda too.

  8. Oh,and in season 1 episode 4 Flora's shirt kept changing from red to green! And when Sky's dad found out about Bloom and Diaspro on the day of the royals he said they switched to protect the real sky. When Sky explained to Bloom when they were coming back from Sparx, he said he just wanted to be a normal guy! It's soooo confusing! It dosen't make sence either! What if people Knew the real Sky before he went to Red Fountian!!!

  9. Well, maybe she's a widow? Or divorced? I think it's Ms. Faragonda, not Miss. Hehe, I doubt Miss Griselda is married!