Saturday, June 27, 2009

Battle of the Boys

Anyone who has been watching season for must have noticed the tension between Musa and Riven. This tension sis the product of a rivalry between the producer who seems to have an interest in Musa's singing talent. Although he seems to be a little old for the musical princess, Riven is jealous!

Is this Jason a possible new BF? In the past Riven hasn't been a shining star in the boyfriend category, and has been the hero we love and hate. Could Musa finally choose to move on from an emotional rollercoaster of a relationship? Some fans hope.

Who Will Win?
Jason Queen

And what about Andy? If Musa becomes single in the near future, she might turn to Andy for affection.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Season 4 in ENGLISH?!


Did anyone notice that the second close on Earth was the west coast of North America?

I think that this is the RAI English version because if it was 4kids, I'm sure that they would have put their logo on the corner of the screen (aka the bug).

Tell me what you think!!!

PS: Stella/Phoebe is gonna be away for a couple of days with her family so she won't be updating the blog for a while.

Draw Coco the Kitty!

You can now draw Coco, Flora's adorable little kitten!

This time, I've taken the liberty translating it. Please click the picture below to get full view. This tutorial is very long (picture wise, not word-wise) and I suggest that you open in a new window to get the full view and the notes.

For anyone who wants to use the following document on their own site or blog, please read the conditions below:

You may use this tutorial/image on the condition that you:
1) credit and source me on any of the following sites:
2) tell me that you are going to use it,
3) do not change the this document in any way or form
which includes adding your own site’s logo or signature.

Original source:

These conditions are also written on the file below.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Older Winx Club Toys

I browsing through Google for Winx Club images when this caught my eye:

Isn't it adorable? This is a 4 cm tall cell phone accessory of Discorda, Cloud Tower's guardian of Codex pixie. After I found this, I was prompted to go through the site for more Winx Club paraphernalia. I came across several interesting things:

1) There's a Brandon doll... o.0; I knew that there was one for Sky...but Brandon? Why didn't they just make dolls of all the other guys, too?

2) There are 'flying' Winx Club dolls that happen to be a ripoff the Sky Dancers toyline and show. I should know--I had the toys and the video tapes. Sky Dancers originally came out in the 90s and its country of origin is France but because of its success, it came to America (I think that I could be wrong on this, though). The last doll is a Sky Dancer doll and is the exact model that I used to have. T.T I miss it... *sniff sniff*

Below is a clip from Youtube of the show (the English version). I advise that you watch the clip in high-quality so that the images don't look so choppy. I swear, the animation is a lot better! By the way, yes, this is show about cultural dancing diversity at a special dance academy. The main characters basically become these superheroes in an alternate universe based on dancing and flying. IT'S AWESOME!

God, I still think that this show is freakin' awesome. *cricket cricket*

I should probably note that the likelihood of finding these dolls in America is very slim due to the events of the Sky Dancer toy line. Many children got hurt by these toys they were not careful when playing with them. You need to be around a meter away from the toy to avoid injury but you need to be a like foot away to pull the cord to make it fly. This resulted in a lot of face-related injuries.

3) Who is this pixie?!

As far as I can understand, this is the pixie of 'selvafosca.' I have no idea what that means so I went to translate it using

'Selvafosca' = N/A
'Selva' = mass, horde, woods/forest
'fosca' = dark, gloomy, hazy (there are actually more words but those three sum up the general idea)

Which leads to me to believe that this pixie is THE pixie of the dark forest. No actually name was given for this pixie, as far as I know. I even checked However, she can be found on the Pixie Village page if you click the yellow arrow in the corner.

Maybe I'll comment on some past Winx Club toys such as the ballerina line but for now, I'm happy. What's your opinion on the Brandon doll, the Sky Dancer dolls or the mysterious pixie?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Winx Club Magazine! Issue 63!

The newest Winx Club magazine will be available soon... in Italy. Pages full of fashion, news, and just plain Winxiness await those who can buy it. Plus... what's wrong with Stella and Brandon in the comics? Appariently they get poisoned. Who would do that? Is there going to be a new enemy introduced in the comics, or maybe Mitzi's getting her revenge?

More than the poisoning, Stella's heart is troubled. "A mysterious girl has approached to Brandon!". Their relatinoship is troubled enough this season, what with Mitzi making her move. Do they really need more turmoil?

A Winx Club bathing suit is also mentioned. Is that just advertizing, or is the official site saying that the bathing suit is included in the purchase of the magazine?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roxy's Pose

Yes, it's another one of those where I just notice something really neat and I share it with the world. I noticed this while looking at Morgayne's post here. Look at Roxy's pose in her civilian clothes:

Now, look at her in her believix clothes:

It's the same freakin' pose but in reverse!

Okay, I don't mind that they short-changed Tecna's poses but Roxy's?! There is barely enough stock pictures for graphic artists who make icons, avatars, stamps, etc. and now they do this to us?! Talk about lack of variety and laziness! *pouts*

While on the subject for graphic artists, I might as well post some of my Roxy graphics: (shameless advertising)

Feel free to take them. I don't mind.

Roxy Images!

Roxy has been in high demand lately... Here are some pictures for you! All are pictures of Roxy in her Believix form.

How is that not heart-breakingly adorable?

*Please don't remove the name of my site... I took these screenshots myself.

See Roxy Pictures (on Ask Stella) for them all!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Puppy Love

Remember Lady from season one? The dainty dog that adored Brandon (Sky)? Well, I've been thinking... Wouldn't her and Artu make a nice couple?

Here's a small excerpt from Verboten, a story writen by Kikurukina:

At Sky’s feet laid a whiter short-haired retriever. The new dog, unleashed, stood up and looked up towards Sky, tail wagging.
“Is that what you want boy?! Huh-huh?!” Roxy teased Artu. He pulled hard on his leash and made a whiny sound despite the tightness of collar. “Uh, good morning,” she said to the guys, “Where are the girls?” she asked, noting the lack of girls.
Artu pulled hard again, tail wagging excitedly. The other dog did not make any move towards to Artu and patiently and loyally stared at Sky.
“And, um, is that your dog?”
“Yes, this is Lady,” Sky answered. “As for the girls, they’re coming now.” He pointed to something behind her. She supposed that they were not far behind.
“Mind if I let him go?”
“Sure,” Sky said casually and pointed his attention to Lady, “Be nice.”
Roxy cautiously let go of the leash and it went flying out of her hand immediately. Artu went for Lady who started to give chase. They ran around the base of the lighthouse several times.
“Morning Roxy,” Bloom said as the girls came to join their little get-together. She yawned and took her place beside Sky. She noted Lady with a smile.

I must make note that Kikurukina took some liscense here in saying that Lady was Sky's dog. Sky is merely her favorite, she really belongs to RedFountain School.

Winx Club Magazine!

Bloomerica just found some news about the Winx Club Magazine issue 62! here it is;

"Do not miss the brand new issue #62 Winx Club Magazine! Inside are lots of curiosity on the fourth series and interviews with very young skater Mark Giordano and friendly Katy Perry!
To say nothing of our new comic adventure, full of surprises, excitement and fun ... Winx in style!
Look for a super trendy, shopping and leisure ... you can not miss the absolutely fantastic Bag Glitter Winx Club with the tender Pets!
And also, just for this number, you will find exclusive Winx Online Game Cards with which you have access to clothes, accessories and more fatal to the contents of the site Winxclub!"

"It was in italian but I used a translator and I translated it :)", she says.

I wish I could buy it! But since I can't get a hold of a copy, if anyone who could might pass along some information that would be much appreciated!

The Trix?

There's is a fairly high expectation that the Trix are going to come back this season. (Plus, what kind of show would it be if we never saw the Trix again?) Now that the Three Ancestral Witches have escaped Obsidian and presumably have joined up with their descendants Icy, Darcy and Stormy--I wonder what will they look like?

I mean, seriously, it would kind of be disappointing if they came in their same outfits.

Then there was the gloomix and then there was the disenchantix but that only lasted two episodes:

So will they come with a new look or keep their old outfits?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fanmade 4kids Openings

If we ever get the 4kids English of season four, I wonder what would the opening theme look like. Some fans on Youtube have already made their own interpretation of that.

Remember, it's 4kids and there's a fairly good chance that they'll stick to their own song as well. (I just realised this now that they never showed anyone in their enchantix form for the season three opening--weird.) It's also very possible that they'll scrap that song and use/make another one like 'Unica/You're the One.'

Imagine adding that seventh lyric for Roxy's powers:
Magical flowers,
Digital powers,
Rhythms and tunes,
The sun and the moon,
Magic shapes and shifting tides,
[Insert Roxy's lyric]
And the fire burning deep inside.

What would it be? What will the 4kids version of the opening look like?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ending Song... In English?

Winx Club English ending? Is it possible?
I don't know if I trust it... I mean, someone could very well have just edited the song and replaced the Italian ending with an English one. I would like to believe that this is the real thing, though!

Roxy Replacing?

It's occurred to me now that by the end of season four or at some point during the course of the series, we are kinda expecting that Layla and Nabu are going to be married as well as Bloom and Sky. By that point, image-wise, married characters are usually not very popular with young demographics and the best way for a producer to deal with that is to smoothly transition out the character. Also, we have to remember that once most people are married in real life, their priorities tend to rearrange themselves to fit their current life such as Layla taking the throne of Andros/Tides.

Some more familiar examples are (in Pokemon) when the main female trainer is replaced by another female trainer such as May replacing Misty and Dawn replacing May. Another example was when they replaced Brock with Tracy in season two, I think, because that was when Pokemon was going global and the producers decided that Brock would seem racist (because he's black) to American veiwers.

There's also the issue of having one too many Winx girls. If and when Roxy becomes an official member of the Winx Club, they will be seven girls in total. That is already a lot of characters for one show. Then there is the expectation that she will get a boyfriend and maybe even a bonded pixie if the producers at Rainbow are that generous (even though they have Pop Pixie in the works). That's already seven main girls, seven main guys and seven pixies. There's also her dog Artu to think about, too.

I don't necessarily mean that Roxy is going to replace Layla or Bloom as soon as they marry and it is still very possible Roxy is only a tagalong character for the season like Flora's sister Miele/Rose was for her episode. Rainbow cannot really prolong Bloom or Layla's marriages for too long or else their audiences become unsatisfied with the show.

Can this possibly be what's going to happen?


And these weren't included in the first video:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tecna's Pose

I just noticed this now but look at this picture of Tecna in her Enchantix form:

Now, this is her in her Believix form

Anyone seeing what I'm seeing?

Draw The WINX

Draw Tecna's Believix! Check out these steps here or go to the Official Website:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fan Claims False

Cathrine E. shares:
"Hey there! About the 'The Magic is Back' I Say Fake. Tcna's Hair is Way Shorter. Aisha (Layla) Is acting More Prinsses Like. No Roxy. Mirium (Don't know how to Spell Bloom's Mom Name.) Has Shorter, Less Curly Hair. And Where did the Cute Little White-Blonde Parts of Stella's Hair go that ALWAYS goes in front of her ears. And English, What's with that!? Everything W
inx Club Comes out in Italy First. So, I May be wrong, But I'm just looking at the Things they left out."

I don't support this claim, and, obviously, Kikurukina doesn't, either. She responds:

"Okay, I'm sorry but what the [heck]? How is examining one's hair style substantial proof in saying that the movie poster is a fake? Cartoon animation is never drawn uniform.

HAIR IS HAIR. Hair is always in a constant shift, even more so for the Winx girls when they're in a special themed outfit such as the ball gowns. It's like saying that the poster is a fake because Musa's pigtails/ponytails aren't there. Just because Stella doesn't have her side bangs isn't viable proof to anything.

Of course the poster is going to be in English because it was shown at the freaking INTERNATIONAL Licensing Show in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. Obviously, most visitors to the convention are going to be English and English is the language of business on Earth.

Another thing to consider is that Rainbow's market heavily revolves around Americans because they have a lot of money to spend compared to everyone and that the 4kids dub (the one that everyone wants) is American. Rainbow is obviously going advertise it in English considering that if they don't get America to sign on with them, they're screwed."

i recently got an email from Bloomerica, who shares her opinion:
"I bet its not fake because theyre probably going to edit the movie poster once theyre dont the move,heck who knows maybe they would even change the title............
So 4 now no one can really tell but I bet u Winxclub the MOvie 2 is actually gonna come out :)"
(Picture by ~kommandoshiranui on DeviantArt)