Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Winx Club: Il Segreto del Regno Perduto

Winx Club: Secret of the Lost Kingdom

For the last couple of weeks, I've been reading the comments of older posts and I keep seeing Lindsay or Grace Qute (I'm not sure) asking for links to the movie. I gave them the link once but I don't know what happened to that.



The English version is an insult to the Winx Club series because they couldn't even get Chatta's name right even though they put slightly better voice actors (I hate Layla's, though). They turned 'Chatta' into 'Chatter' because linguistically, 'chatta' is the verb for 'chat' in Italian--I think (I know that this is true for Spanish). Very bad translation! They even cut out scenes from the Italian! Therefore, I refuse to give you links to the English version. I believe that everything must be seen in their original format--uncut and with the original language! You can thank my brothers for ingraining this trait in me; they're Asian film studies students.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK WinxMania3 FOR POSTING THESE! Unfortunately, he or she couldn't post part 9 because her/his computer got trashed. So, I am using part 9 and 10 posted by winxclublover89. Please give your applause to them. 


Sorry, Kiku, I moved the videos to Winx-Fairies | Movie, my movie page. 


  1. Oh my goody goody goodness thank u soooooo much u r now the coolest and 1 of my many BFF'S I now have some info!!!!

  2. "Everything must be seen in their original format," huh? I don't agree, and I'm not sure the people who make the originals (Japanese, Italian, etc.) would agree either. If they felt that way, they wouldn't bother licensing their shows to foreign dubbers, and we may have never discovered these shows if they hadn't. Not all dubs are bad. It just depends on what you like.

    You're forgetting the base purpose of dubs: to present the show/movie in another language. Period. Yes, some dubbers take too much creative license, but you'll always be critical of a dub if you watch it in the same mindset you watch the original in. Some dubs are better appreciated as separate from their originals.

    I'll write something about this later in my blog.

    I happened to like the English dub of SOTLK, but I agree that some of differences - and I mean from the series dub - were annoying. I wanted Layla's other dub voice back, and this time used 4Kids terms (Sparks!). Other than that, it was fine.

  3. theobliviousprattler,

    Yeah, well that's my point of view.

    I saw the English dub of the movie and thought, "Who the hell is dubbing this?" They didn't even use the original UK voice actors. I mean, I may be extremely maniacal and one track minded about this but I seriously wanted to kill myself when I saw the English version--Layla's voice was absolutely horrible to me. I feel that the British really butchered it. I also hated some of cuts they made for the movie because they were kind of pivotal (in my opinion) to the development of some of the characters in the movie.

  4. My ? 2 stella is can u pleazzzzzz keep this up 4 me and is there a glitch after the part where Flora asks Musa "can u calm him down" it was the 1 part where they were in the space shuttle when the boys were hanging on floras vines 4 dear life..... If u could reply back that would be soooo nice of thanx sooooo much

  5. Describe the 'glitch.' I don't see it and I never noticed it even watching this movie three times.

  6. Never mind I clicked the same one twice sorry stell... = )

  7. i watched the english version of the movie but i don't know who it was duubbed by. It didn't seem like the 4kids version but it also didn't seem like the rai version either. And i probably didn't watch the UK version either because it was really good.