Monday, May 11, 2009


The last set of wings has been revealed as Tracix wing, or wings that let you see the past. Pretty cool, in my opinion, but it seems totally irrivent to the whole "magic wings" idea.

Anyway, on the blog Una di Noi, the Site Admin answered Kikurukina's question (which might have been rhetoric, I don't really remember) "If a fairy has teleportation wings, why does she need regular wings?" It was answered with " I guess it’s like having both a car and feet. You’ll arrive at your destination sooner and easier in a car, but you could always walk. But why tire yourself out, some people ask? Still, old-fashioned foot-on-pavement work is healthier, and some people prefer it. Apply that to Winx Club: some fairies would rather fly, others would rather “zoom.” The Winx have only used the Zoomix wings in emergencies, when they have needed to get somewhere immediately; otherwise, they’ve used either the Speedix wings or their standard wings."

Check out the Tracix Transformation vid I found!


  1. Oh wow, someone actually bothered to read that. Yes, I was being slightly sarcastic but at the same time, it makes people think. Let's keep the realm of my arguments in biology class.

    We can say that genetically, if fairies knew that they were going to achieve the ability or the gene to teleport at the end of the evolutionary line, what would be the point of wings? (I'm seeing this from the point of view of 'natural selection.') Once we reach the stage of maturity called believix and we achieve zoomix, I think literally shedding your wings like a snake and its skin or a catepillar becoming a butterfly and leaving its cocoon would be in order. Wings have become useless as a mode of transport unless zoomix requires a lot of energy.

    The metaphor of a car and your feet work slightly in my first statement but if you account what I have just said above, a car is an invalid argument to an extent because it is a man-made thing and not part of our genes (does Tecna count?). Anyways, why have wings still when you can teleport?

    The zoomix wings basically defeat the purpose of the speedix wings if we're looking at time and not accounting the energy it takes to teleport.

    Anyways, that's it for now.

  2. Everyone who reads this please do not take this offensevely, especially all of u Bloom fans... "Why does Bloom get alll of the attention, I mean I can understand why she is the main character, but the show is called 'Winx Club', not the 'Bloom and her fairy friends show.... So does anyone agree with me on this???

  3. Total agreement. I want to see Helia get in some more screen time because he was essentially useless to the guys in their last fight (ep12).

  4. Consider the season takes place on the planet Bloom grew up on, it focuses less on her than in the first season. At least that's my opinion.

  5. OMG I agree with u Kikurukina, like not 2 be rude 2 Tecna, but the company really shouldn't have 2 many scenes with Tecna, n u ? wat else I didn't like was the first season when Musa n Riven were not 2 gether n they fighted :( it was shameful. But now there better well kind of cause of the last translated episode... Riven probably acts that way cause his mother abandoned him when he was little... and he feels that he needs 2 protect Musa, cause he thinks shes the only 1 that will ever <3 him...
    If u think about it it's sad, yet romantic...

  6. Lindsay,

    Screw the fact that the show was intended to be Bloom-centric. The problem with shows that focus on one character's development is the fact it can get boring after a while and RAI loses their audience. That is why they have to switch up with the characters to keep a steady demographic.

    The problem is that is seems that their interpretation of 'switching it up' also includes giving the other characters crappier development so that people don't forget that Bloom is the main star of the show. I totally agree with Bloom being the main character of the show but she is part of a group known as the Winx Club whose current purpose is to bring back the belief in magic back to Earth and that's where it all goes down drain. It is a group effort that must be made to achieve what they are doing and currently, we see Bloom as the 'natural' leader because it's her planet and whatnot. Thing is, she also seems to know way too much than what she should considering she just discovered magic about years ago thanks to a certain Solarian princess. Look at the show so far, every time a new set wings has been introduced, it has always been Bloom who named and introduced it to us. Why can't it be Stella?

    (I'll kill myself for saying this later because I absolutely hate Stella. No offense to Stella-lovers. I just don't like snivelling blond princesses minus Diaspro.)

    Why should it not be Stella? I mean Stella is assumed as the oldest of all the girls and shouldn't she be the one to be giving some type magical advice to help guide Bloom in the magical universe? She should have more experience considering she failed Alfea in her first year and know already some things about the newer transformations up to the enchantix stage. Not like proper etiquette advice during season 3 with the Eraklyon party; I mean real meaning life-lesson advice like how does society work in Magix and how does magic affect the political change of hand.

    Overall and from a technical view, the animators are doing shoddy jobs giving any characters any kind of screen time. When the boys fight, the scenes are lame and they fight in an amateurish style which reflects the fighting knowledge of the animators who draw them. You can almost tell that they seriously are not deliberately making bad fight seens because they can (look at Royal Heartbreak, RAI version for violence). I would think that after four(?) years of Red Fountain that they would honed their individual skills to work together as a team like Helia being a strategist, Riven the sly and agile fighter and Timmy a long-range marksman and technician. I would also think that Helia would have some type of superior skill over the other guys because he is older and went to Red Fountain for approximately a year before art school then back to RF (something like that). I think that they should lose the cape uniform to something that could be worn as civvies or something that fits their fighting style/personality.

    As for the rest of the girls, I have not noticed the overload of Tecna scenes. Instead, I have been seeing too much Musa which overshadows the remaining girls. I mean, Musa and Riven's relationship is more developed than Bloom and Sky and they are the freaking main couple of the show! Brandon and Stella, we don't even know how they got to the point that they started calling each other 'snookums.' Timmy and Tecna, none existent to us although we see different scenes which belie the intensity of their relationship. Flora and Helia, holy cow, are they even a couple? It just went from a few cautious stares at each other to romantic makeout sessions in the place of nightmares, Shadowhaunt, just before the possible end of the universe (end of season 2). Layla and Nabu, God, I don't even know how to rant about that... I mean, they're engaged by their parents for political or financial reasons and whatnot and they were totally against it until the disco party revisit. Suddenly, they admit that they like each other and now, maybe a year later, they want to marry each other. What happened to Layla being totally feminist, independent and tomboyish? How did she become a romantic slob? Was it Nabu that did that to her?

    What else can I rant about? Oh, right! So what if season 4 is set on Earth?! It does not automatically mean that it has to be all about Bloom! What about Bloom’s parents? What about Sky and the other guys? What about the fact, as said on under Riven’s profile, that Riven’s mother apparently abandoned or gave him up for money? What about our favourite squire Brandon? The next step from squire is supposed to be knighthood. Will Brandon become a knight? Why did he become a page (first step to knighthood) in the first place? Is Brandon originally from a poor, middle-class or rich family? A military family or some super Christian-like family with twelve brothers and sisters? And Timmy?! What is he? Does he have some type of special talent like being a mathematical savant? Can he calculate faster than a calculator? Sky!—why haven’t we seen the politician side of him yet? Helia!—he is good in espionage and an excellent strategist (as seen in the comics) but why does he abhor fighting? Can’t they give him some type of defensive style of fighting like paralysis and debilitating gases or make him the squad’s emergency toxicologist/doctor. What happen to the taser gun ability on his gloves like he had in the Omega dimension (RAI version)? Nabu—I even know what to say about him…what the kind of magic does he practise and what school does he come from? It can’t be RF or else he would be wearing a blue cape.

    And what about the girls? Don’t they have natural or magical weaknesses/faults? Like Stella with vanity? Flora being too trusting? Musa too emotional and no forethought? And magical weaknesses like Flora and her connection to Nature when it is in danger (ex. burning forests)? Stella and darkness? Tecna relying too much on technology? Bloom and the Water Stars?

    I’m done for tonight. Feel free to throw tomatoes at me now.

  7. Hmmm... Interesting.

    I think that Stella would be the natural choice for leader. I mean, girls can connect with Bloom, but Stella is oldest, and a natural-born leader. She's established as a princess from when we first meet her, and I can't imagine her realistically letting someone lower down on the social scale have more power than her.

  8. I'm not necessarily saying that Stella is supposed to be 'the' leader of Winx Club because I haven't seen enough evidence for me to trust my life in her hands in the show but more of a mothering type to some degree. I'm not expecting her to cluck after the girls for punctuality as much as just being there for Bloom to answer questions. Bloom knows way too much sometimes. Even if she was extremely curious and wanted to know everything about the magical universe, she did not grow up in it and therefore should not have that much confidence sometimes. It's like sending an adult American to live in Japan or some other foreign country for several years and trying to get them assimilate Japanese life. It's not easy, especially the older you are the more resistant you are to major personal change.

    Bloom is aproximately 16 when she faces her 'change.' Before, she probably had to worry about going to college and hoping that she makes the grade as well trying to find her way in the world. This is what every teenager faces and just dealing with that is tough because life after high school draws a blank to almost every teen when you ask them about that.

    Suddenly, she has a whole new and magical universe dumped on her shoulders and she has to deal with trying to catch up on 16 years worth of magical experience in a couple of semesters to keep up with her new fellow fairy classmates. She is given completely obscure subjects to study with almost impossible concepts to understand. Then there were the Trix and the witches of Cloud Tower in general to deal with as well as trying to somehow come a conclusion about how she feels about a certain blond then-squire. I mean, how easy is it to assimilate a new and completely alien culture even though they look exactly like you but spruced with magic? How could she have possibly fallen in love with some guy (No offense, I adore Prince Sky!) who comes from a different dimension from her? Wouldn't she have found it strange or alien? Even with the guidance of Stella and the other girls? (It's like trying a make an American who speaks no French to fall in love with a Frenchman who speaks no English.)

  9. Are all of the speedix, tracix, and zoomix the same for all of the fairies, excluding colors? if so, then they are totally lazy.

  10. Tracix. Interesting power; it's supposed to allow them to see into the past and present. I'm not sure about the future. That's pretty cool but do they really need a new pair of wings just to do that? They could always get Faragonda to show them or get some magical scrying device. What would be really cool is if one of the Winx had scrying powers so they wouldn't need Tracix. Still, the Tracix power is awesome.