Monday, May 18, 2009

Thanks For The Votes!

I remember sitting here at my computer in April, freaking out at the marvelous fact that I had 27 votes on my poll. I never would have guessed I would reach 500! So, even though this seems like a small matter to you, I wanted to take the time to thank you for taking a second and sharing with which was your fave Believix outfit. Thanks. 

5oo Votes:

4oo Votes:


  1. I helped you a little because i told my friends who like winx club when I looked up good sites for the winx club then my friends told there friends and so on and so on.

  2. wow by one percent...ya she's really kicking her butt...not

  3. Kikurukina Bal Des'cagelMay 18, 2009 at 6:33 PM

    Oh, just let me enjoy it. I hate Musa's outfit.

  4. I love her hair, though. The only thing is, it doesn't suit her famous tomboy personality that she basically lost after season two.

  5. i actually kind of liked tecna's believix although tecna never even made to my top 4 since the begining of season 1 until the winx got there believix but this time she did i like her believix 4th

  6. bloom like totally rocked the vote i love her she will always be my favorite fairy even if she's evil she is always so confident i would alays dissagree what everyone says about her except that she get a lot of attension but only that but other then that i could always think of something good about her even in the worst situation
    i like flora next because we both love nature she is also shy like me and dosen't like attension
    i like stella third because she is funny sometimes and always trying to cheer people laugh with her gift of funnyness
    i like musa fourth not because i hate her i actually really liked her believix but she change personalities so quickly in season 1 and 2 she is like a tomboy and after when she got those long pigtail she just completely change
    i like layla 5th because of her believix i just hate it's just not her
    i like tecna last because she is always so logical and i am so not and she loves technology and i don't like it very much we don't have anything in common

  7. Every Musa, Stella and Flora fan should vote, sooo vote, vote, what r u doing stop reading this post fine I have an idea ill stop.................STOPED

  8. I told some of my friends to vote. i voted for bloom. Layla has hardly any votes:(