Monday, May 18, 2009

Season Four Avatars

Due to popular request, (You know who you are. Hint, hint, princessbloom94) I've decided to post Winx Club avatars. Avatars courtesy of Yokohama.

I beg you to visit Yokohama's Page to see al of her wonderful works!



  1. i like Musa's the best

  2. i have notice ..
    Bloom believix : casual and cute !
    Flora believix : i notice that she is the sexiest one in believix .. well , since in ori or enchantix she's also not so .....
    Musa believix : her hair is sooooo charming !
    Tecna believix : WOW ! her hair , Say the true i like it when she's long hair , Tecna would be so CUTE if she's long hair .
    Stella believix : i like her enchantix better , but her believix is pretty . i like her skirt ! : )
    Layla believix : her colour is sooo sharp !
    Roxy believix : well , i think because she's new so she is kinda normal ( believix outfit ) but i like the paw prints ! >.<

    ps : i like flora the best .... hehe >.<
    < 3

    with luv : Grace Qute ~~~

  3. Sooo does this mean these pics r goin 2 be on Winx club season 4 or r these just pics of fan art people drew

  4. sooo cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I know! What talent!

  6. wow i am totaly in luv with stella's believix its totaly super cool her skirt is fab and her shirt is incredibly awesome!!!! ^_^ and she is the best character in the world for me!!! stella fan forever