Friday, May 29, 2009

Name that Princess! RAI-Style

Now, this is the RAI version of events. This is considered the original story by most audiences, fanfiction authors and plain fanatics. It is also the more 'childish' version with slightly cheesier dialogue and the same pitch of voice for all the girls. Not only do the fact that some of the girls's statuses as princesses change, but the story, opening/closing themes, songs in general and even names.

Countries can watch this version of the show in their respective or most spoken language are the United Kingdoms (yes, they can watch both versions depending on where you live and what channels you have), France, Spain, Holland/the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, Poland, Latin America in general (this does not count as Spanish as South America has a very different dialect from country to country or Brazil because they speak Brazilian Portuguese there), Italy and chances are that I'm missing a lot of other countries but you get the point.

season xyz, episode xyz (Italian name/4kids name)


Yes! Icy first referred to Bloom as 'princess' in season one, episode eighteen however, Bloom had no idea why Icy was calling her that until Icy explained further saying that she's the last heir of Domino. She only got real confirmation of her heritage in season one, episode twenty-one (Trap of Ice/The Frozen Palace) when she talked with Daphne's spirit. She also states that she is sixteen years old in season one, episode one (A Fairy in Gardenia/It Feels Like Magic) right off the bat.


Yes! Proudly claimed in season one, episode one and hails from Solaria although she sounds off her rocker when she says it. She also refers to Alfea as a castle later in the episode


No! Plain and simple. Has never claimed to be one nor has been referenced as one. She hails from Linphea/Linfea.


No! *shot with tomatoes from Lindsay* Musa has never claimed this in season one, episode two (Welcome to Magix!/More Than a High School). She is a commoner, although possibly slightly poor seeing as they could not afford the medicine for her sick mother, like everyone else and hails from the planet Melody. She is not a princess in the comics either.


Yes, but only in the comics which happen to stay in continuity of the RAI version of events! She never actually said that she was a princess in the RAI version of the show or has been referenced as one because she could be withholding that information for a later date. It has yet to be seen whether or not the show will shed light on this. She comes from the technocratic kingdom of Zenith.

Layla (aka Aisha in Italian)

Yes! This was mentioned about the same time as in the 4kids continuity. It should be noted that the name of her realm is Andros. In the 4kids version, Andros is a sea in Tides. Also, Aisha's name was changed to Layla by the English RAI translators for unknown reasons, not by 4kids! I could give a couple billion hypothesises(sp?) on this.


Major Changes:

Layla's real name is Aisha! (from RAI English to RAI Italian)

Musa IS NOT a princess!

Tecna IS a princess ONLY in the European comics!


  1. What ev I dont care what anyone else says Im stickin 2 what I know my fact man this sight is really.... ugh.... I dont know why u peoples want me 2 stop seeing this sight... I mean why does everyone want 2 disagree with me.... I think Im almost done.... but I feel bad cuz I actually like this sight.....=: (

  2. Lindsay,
    I'm not forcing you to see this view of the Winx Club as the correct one. I'm just showing the two sides of the argument. After that, you have to choose which one you like better. Some people can like both shows; it's a hard path some times because you have to remember and wonder: is this what Iginio Straffi really wanted Americans to see? Did he even have a choice or was it too late to go back and change it?

    It's like a video game, you have all the graphics, battle system and dialogue compiled but then you go back and think 'We should take this out.' You can't because you're already have 90% complete and it would be a lost of money and waste of time if you went back to change it because you would have to rewrite codes, get the graphics department to do this and the writers to write out this piece of information.

  3. Well all Im saying is I am only going 2 watch the 4kids version... and will only stick 2 what the passed issues had said... n I am sorry I got a little P.O.ed , but I will say this again im THE BIGGEST MUSA FAN.... Would u feel pretty upset if someone was trying to disprove (or show another point) somthing u really didn't want 2 hear?????????????????

  4. I bet since Aisha sounds like acqua (water in Italian) and Layla sounds like lake, they changed it!

  5. No, *I think* it might've had to do with some religious connotations in British culture.

  6. For example....?

  7. Do you really want to know? Look up Aisha/Ayesha (the religious figure) on or Wikipedia. My theory involves the views of Islamic/Muslim culture from a Catholic/Protestant view. Enough said. The contents of my theory may contain adult content. It may be simplistic and even wrong in a sense; it may make me sound uncultured but the connections are very possible since there are a lot of immigrants who move to the United Kingdom. I will not go into detail about one of my theories unless I get the go ahead from Phoebe.

    Just look up 'Aisha.'

  8. I read the article, and other than the arranged marriage thing, I don't really see the relation.

  9. Foreshadowing and the fact that at the time of production, there was the worry of the Tube/subways and buses getting bombed by religious extremists, I think. Something like that. Plus, there's a lot of Muslim immigration and whatnot and the fear of what Muslims might think if such saw Layla called Aisha in the clothes that she wears (considered extremely...uncovered or open about her body if your the kind of woman who wear long-sleeves and pants--not necessarily the ones who wear a burqa but that counts too). It's all this collision of facts and coincidences and things like that. It's farfetched but there are a lot of things to think about in British culture. There are the WASPs, the Scottish who hate the Irish, messed up monarchic government and everything in between.

    Blah blah blah...

  10. Makes more sense now, thanks.

  11. MUSA is a princess. Remember. She said in season 3 and 1 that she was a princess. She is not a commoner.

  12. This is for the RAI English version, you must watch 4kids, because she is in 4kids.

  13. Personally, I prefer the RAI version, but this is just my opion.=)

  14. Tecna is not a princess. I repeat, she is NOT a princess. The comics DO NOT follow the Rai version at all. It is extremely different from the show. Also, how can Musa be a princess if Galatea is already the princess. Unless you're saying that they're related and are both princesses but that's totally false.

  15. I think the Rai version is better but that's just what I think.

  16. She isn't a princess in the RAI version...

  17. Yes but she is in the 4Kids version. So, when you think about it, that means Galatea can't be a princess. You shouldn't diss the Rai version. It isn't cheesy.

  18. omg techna is a princess :) shes my favorite character!!!

  19. On the 4-kids version Musa is a princess. She admits in season 2 that her father rejected his title as a prince for Musa's mother. As for Galatea they are from the same realm but different planets.