Sunday, May 24, 2009

Name That Princess! 4kids-Style

Okay, this has been floating around the blog for a while and I feel that a fight is going to break out if something isn’t done. So, I'm going to clear up the confusion. What is written below sticks with 4kids version of the continuity. This mainly includes Canada, the United States of America, Australia, parts of Asia (Singapore?) and even parts of the United Kingdoms.

Now, what is the difference between 4kids and RAI? Aside from the voice acting, A LOT! Even the stories are completely different but they use the exact same scenes such as season one, episode five (Date with Disaster).

I’m also going to note what realm/dimension they come from. Note the changes when I post Name That Princess! RAI-style later on this week.


Yes! She officially discovered that she was a princess in season one, episode eighteen (Senior Witches Go to Earth) while Icy is giving her ultimatum about how her ancesters have earned their right to the Dragonfire after spending centuries tracking it until they found it on Sparks just before Daphne hid it “inside the heir to the kingdom’s throne, inside you Bloom.” Any other earlier reference, primarily from the Witches, only alluded to her having the power of the Dragonfire and not the fact that she’s a princess. Daphne and Faragonda first started hinting to the fact that Bloom might be a princess or guardian of the Dragonfire in season one, episode fifteen (Pushing the Envelope) with their astral journey to Lake Ethemera (sp?) which turns out to be Lake Fortress of Light or Lake Roccaluci in the RAI version, I think. It’s a minor continuity error, anyways. Moving on.


Yes! She made this extremely clear during season one, episode one (It Feels Like Magic). Proudly hails from Solaria.


No! As far as we know in the 4kids continuity, she has never officially claimed to be a princess or referenced as one. She also claims to hail from Third Moon of Marigold.


Yes! She stated this in season one, episode two (More Than a High School). On another note, it has just occurred to me that this is the only reference to Alfea being a high school and not a college. I guess this means that Bloom is fourteen years old at the beginning of the show if she graduates from Alfea in season four. Musa also claims to hail from the Harmonic Nebula.


No! As far as we know, she has never claimed to be or referenced as one. I will explain this further in Name That Princess! RAI-style for those who are wondering why I keep claiming that Tecna is a princess. If not, you can go back to my previous post entitled ‘
Tecna, the Princess.’ Tecna has stated that she comes from the Binary Galaxy.


Yes! She made this very clear in season two, episode two (Princess of Tides) although it was stated by Bloom just after a commercial break. She claims to come from the Realm of Tides.


  1. I knew it, I knew it, yes, yes, yes!!!!!!! Im soo happy 4 Musa yyyeeeaaa!!!!!!! : )

  2. Musa's father was a prince, but his family disowned him. It says so in season2 episode41, Magic In My Heart

  3. Yes, Musa is a the 4Kids version. Galatea is the real princess of Melody (The Harmonic Nebula). The story about Musa father's being a disowned prince was a way to mask that mistake. In the Rai English version, he's a humble musician. After Musa's mother dies (because they don't have enough money for medicine), he starts worrying that Musa won't be able to support herself if she goes into a music field. That's why he tries to stop her from pursuing music.

  4. Lindsay, don't get your hopes up. Musa is only a princess in the 4kids continuity and only that continuity.

    To Anonymous, yes, Musa is princess but notice that episode is completely different from the original episode. Watch it on Youtube or listen to theobliviousprattler above.

    Lastly, how is it season two, episode *forty-one*? There are only twenty-six episodes per season. Yeah, yeah, I get it. It's small mistake. Me being hypercritical.

  5. It's really confusing about Musa, but only 4Kids says she is and even for that I think they are trying to take her out of it.

    In Season 3, episode 7, Stella and Layla are trying to teach Bloom princess demeanor for Sky's party, but Musa was not included teaching her. If she was a princess, she would have helped.

    I really don't know what's wrong with 4kids, but it's really confusing how they do their stuff...

  6. It would have been better for 4kids to stick to the path made by the RAI version. That would make WAY more sense!

  7. SilverShadow,
    Well, it is the company that dubbed Pokemon, Yugioh and Mew Mew Power. Look how well the dubbing for those shows ended. I don't blame with Yugioh because the original version is fairly jam-packed with violence, blood and even things that infringe on the basics of human rights such as threatening to kill someone and then there's Pokemon where they've started to edit out all the Japanese culture items such as rice balls for donuts and then there was the episode with a couple of hundred kids got seizures from flashing lights... There are some things that I don't blame them for and then just some that I wonder what the people at the top were thinking. Anyways, I think they made her a princess so that Stella isn't the only princess in the show aside from Bloom to even things about stereotypes.

    I agree but I do like the voice acting and the 4kids dialogue because it projects the image of greater cultural diversity such as Musa's slang and attitude clashing with Stella more prim royal upbringing and Bloom's small-town girl image. By small-town, I mean her lack of knowledge and innocence at the beginning of the show.

  8. In my opinion, the vioce acting for RAI S-U-C-K-S. I haven't watched enough of the RAI version to remember the little things like dialogue.

  9. I don't watch those shows, but it makes sense thanks

    And Stella, I agree, RAI sucks...

  10. Annonymous read my headline up top... what am I.... Thats right I am Musa's number 1# fan, if I wasn't I would not care if she was a princess or a commoner, but I am saying this.... SHE IS A PRINCESS..... even if her father was disowned.... Its in her blood.... And I am like Musa in many ways..... 1 is I stick 4 myself, friends, and i guess fictional characters sooooooooooooooo do not go against my word when I say that my rolemedel............. Musa, princess of Melody... IS A PRINCESS!!! Thank u very much...

  11. Galatea n Musa r both in the princess community THERE BOTH PRINCESSES

  12. I'm pretty sure I'm right in thinking that she DID indeed mean "community".

  13. What r u guys talkin about?? I dont have continuity or community in my posts?? silly girl's lol : )

  14. OOOOOOOO wait I see it I meant "community" hahahahahaha.... silly me...

  15. I like 4kids better, maybe because I saw it first but I like the voice for 4 kids and I noticed that RAI is like the same as the italian just w/ the english but 4kids has dialouge and scene order change.

  16. Musa IS NOT A PRINCESS,only in the 4kids version.In the RAI version she comes frome the planet of Melody in the Harmonic dimension, where the princess is Princess Galatea as stated in season 3.That is how Musa got her Enchantix powers:by saving the princess (Galatea) from a fire that was started in the Alfea library by the Trix. In the RAI version Musa's family was poor and her parents had a career in music together.Also, in this version only Bloom, Layla, and Stella are princesses.

  17. Tecna is also only a princess in the 4kids version of the show, not in the RAI and original versions.

  18. How many different versions of Winx Club are there?
    [Rai English
    The Original(Italian... Rai Due)]

    I think that's all, but PLEASE Specify. ;)

  19. BTW, 4kids doesn't show in Singapore. I know this because I live in Singapore and watch the show. Anyone who doubts this should kindly move to Singapore and start watching the show there. They will see that I am right.

  20. Bloom was sixteen when she started Alfea. Afea isa high school and college. If you hadn't noticed there are no other fairy schools in Magix.

    1. Ohh really!!! Then what is beta?as I know the step sister of stella study there right?I just forgot her name!


  22. Musa is a princess.! SHE WAS BORN A PRINCESS..!!! Airgo SHE IS ONE...!!! Problem solved.

  23. 4kids is way better than that sucky rai version i hated how they changed sparks to domino, layla to aisha and PRINCESS musa to just musa, even their voices dont match their personality anymore. In my opinion the rai version totally destroyed the whole series

  24. Musa is the princess of Melody that is in the Harmonic Nebula (a nebula has more than 1 planet)and Galatea said that she was from a planet called Harmonia. i agree that in the RAI version the voices dont match their personalities.