Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Flirting... Uh-oh!

Look at this! In the episode Nebula, Layla winks at Mark. Uh-oh! This leaves the flirt standings for this episode at:

Musa + Andy
Sky + Random Girl 1
Sky + Random Girl 2
Mitzi +Brandon
Random Girl 3 + Brandon
Random Girl 4 +Brandon
Mitzi + Sky

But dispite everything, the couples have mended ways by the end of the episode. Aww!


  1. I have been inspired by this post (and your contest) to make this comic rough yesterday. I want to ink and colour it but I need to find time.

    Page1: http://kikurukina.deviantart.com/art/Winx-Club-Comic-1-rough-121707755
    Page2: http://kikurukina.deviantart.com/art/Winx-Club-Comic-2-rough-121709289

  2. Is sweet!

    Wow, you're good. I can so see you reworking this into a fanfiction story!

  3. Here's page 3 if you were curious as to what Bloom did: http://kikurukina.deviantart.com/art/Winx-Club-Comic-3-rough-121883426

    Yeah, so. Sky's a blond. He has to have his blond moments sometimes.

  4. It's not loading well...

  5. I've decided that I'll just keep it as a comic. It might take longer to get the final versions of the pages out but it'll be easier than typing away at a computer for hours during the night when I should be doing homework. At least when I draw, I can do it at the same time as I take trig notes at school.

  6. she has nabu what a doodle she is god

  7. Of course I'm gonna put Nabu!

  8. Wait I am sooo dying to see Winx season 4 in ENGLISH. This stinks they should bring it out the same time as they do in Europe : <. I mean does any one agree with me

  9. Let's just say that it would be hectic if they would do.

    Imagine trying to assemble at least seven teams of bilingual translators (English, American English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, etc.) and they all have to work towards a certain deadline in different countries. Rainbow would have to also deal with the patents and internation trading licenses/contracts. They also have to do voice casting, writing scripts, censorship (4kids), licensing with countries like Australia who use the 4kids dub, do the actual dubbing which could take a couple of weeks, etc. It just wouldn't be cost effective for such a small company to dish out that much money in one time. You would need to be Pokemon to do that. Plus, I don't think that Iginio Straffi could stand to have to make multilingual conference calls everyday while he's trying to finish the animation.

    It's easier to do it country by country in the end because foreign viewers can get psyched for the new episodes and actually finishing doing the animations. I'm taking a really big guess here that Rainbow is not done animating/finalising the season finale. Then there is the promise of the second movie that they have to get started on (from rumours).

    Iginio Straffi also has to spearhead the Winx Club comics and get those translated too which is just a repeat of the licensing process with ISBN registration (which costs money). There is also the other cartoons he is charge of like Monster Allergy (dead, I think) and Huntik (yup, that's him too).

  10. Wow Kikurukina, I didn't ? it would be that hard... lol. Thankyou. Also I have a ? 4 u I have tryed looking up these Winx movies, but every tome I do I NEVER FIND THEM!!! So if u can help me out that would be awsome : )

  11. Um...

    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4QCwrvCA04

    From there, you just click on the Related Videos column to the right for the next part.

    In my opinion, don't bother looking for English translated versions. The words and analogies can get lost in translation and the whole story can go in a total different direction from that. Watch it in the original language as it was meant to be.

  12. Wait r u talking 2 me or someone else??????

  13. *shrugs*

    Well, I don't know...

    Who am I talking to?

    (Answer: Yes, it's you Lindsay. That's the movie right there.)

  14. Witch Darcy HypnoMay 29, 2009 at 1:24 PM

    Y can't layla just love nabu... the song for 4kids season 1 doesn't say keep on searchin far and wide for the bestest person who's a guy! ;)))))))))) good one, huh?

  15. Witch Darcy HypnoMay 29, 2009 at 1:26 PM

    The real lyrics are keep on searchin far and wide for the FIRE BURNIN DEEP INSIDE.

  16. butt faced wonderMarch 21, 2010 at 9:38 AM

    Clever. I like it.