Sunday, May 31, 2009

Roxy VS Bloom

I've been browsing the Internet lately, and an article on Wikipedia sparked my interest. I know what you're all thinking, but before you jump down my throat about not trusting Wikipedia, listen up. 

This small paragraph on Roxy's page caught my attention:

It is unclear how [Roxy] earned her Believix without someone believing in her being a fairy. However, it can be argued that it was similar to how Bloom earned their Enchantix; just like Bloom was angry at Valtor for everything that he did to her, Roxy was angry at Gantlos for hurting Artù, so it's quite possible that she 'willed' her Believix like Bloom with her Enchantix, initially.

I originally planned on writing a post about Roxy's powers, but I thought might be a little more interesting if I pointed out the similarities between Roxy and Bloom. They both:
-Didn't know they were a fairy (at the begining)
-Have a mysterious family
-Have prophetic dreams
-Have a close animal companion (Artu, Kiko)
-Earned their fairy form differently than normal
-Reside in Gardenia
-Are the main target of enemies

Is this the reason why Roxy has taken Bloom's place as star in the forth season? Because she's basically identical to Bloom?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

PopPixie - Are the pixies getting their own show?

Found this out at This is a poster advertising for the Licensing Int. Expo 201o. Apparently, it's going to be Las Vegas this year.

Click on the image and read it for yourself. There's already a comic series by RAI for the pixies just like there is one for the Winx Club so maybe their pixie counterparts will get the same. It's kinda creepy how they're making a cartoon for them now.

I Sogni a Modo Mio - Music Video

By the way, yes, that is Baltor skating with Icy. If you pause the video when they're showing the scoreboard, it says 'Icy & Valtor.' Also known as 'Dreamin' in My Way' in the English version.

Unica - Music Video

I thought we might as well add some music. ^_^

Below is the cut version from the English translation of the movie. I warn you now that these are not the lyrics for the movie above. The lyrics below are only trying to convey the same ideas from the one above. The song is also known as 'You're the One.'

Here's the full-English version:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Name that Princess! RAI-Style

Now, this is the RAI version of events. This is considered the original story by most audiences, fanfiction authors and plain fanatics. It is also the more 'childish' version with slightly cheesier dialogue and the same pitch of voice for all the girls. Not only do the fact that some of the girls's statuses as princesses change, but the story, opening/closing themes, songs in general and even names.

Countries can watch this version of the show in their respective or most spoken language are the United Kingdoms (yes, they can watch both versions depending on where you live and what channels you have), France, Spain, Holland/the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, Poland, Latin America in general (this does not count as Spanish as South America has a very different dialect from country to country or Brazil because they speak Brazilian Portuguese there), Italy and chances are that I'm missing a lot of other countries but you get the point.

season xyz, episode xyz (Italian name/4kids name)


Yes! Icy first referred to Bloom as 'princess' in season one, episode eighteen however, Bloom had no idea why Icy was calling her that until Icy explained further saying that she's the last heir of Domino. She only got real confirmation of her heritage in season one, episode twenty-one (Trap of Ice/The Frozen Palace) when she talked with Daphne's spirit. She also states that she is sixteen years old in season one, episode one (A Fairy in Gardenia/It Feels Like Magic) right off the bat.


Yes! Proudly claimed in season one, episode one and hails from Solaria although she sounds off her rocker when she says it. She also refers to Alfea as a castle later in the episode


No! Plain and simple. Has never claimed to be one nor has been referenced as one. She hails from Linphea/Linfea.


No! *shot with tomatoes from Lindsay* Musa has never claimed this in season one, episode two (Welcome to Magix!/More Than a High School). She is a commoner, although possibly slightly poor seeing as they could not afford the medicine for her sick mother, like everyone else and hails from the planet Melody. She is not a princess in the comics either.


Yes, but only in the comics which happen to stay in continuity of the RAI version of events! She never actually said that she was a princess in the RAI version of the show or has been referenced as one because she could be withholding that information for a later date. It has yet to be seen whether or not the show will shed light on this. She comes from the technocratic kingdom of Zenith.

Layla (aka Aisha in Italian)

Yes! This was mentioned about the same time as in the 4kids continuity. It should be noted that the name of her realm is Andros. In the 4kids version, Andros is a sea in Tides. Also, Aisha's name was changed to Layla by the English RAI translators for unknown reasons, not by 4kids! I could give a couple billion hypothesises(sp?) on this.


Major Changes:

Layla's real name is Aisha! (from RAI English to RAI Italian)

Musa IS NOT a princess!

Tecna IS a princess ONLY in the European comics!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Believix Lyrics


Believix, potere Winx
Si ci credi di luce risplenderai (risplenderai)
E ti transformerai
Credici, Credici
Believix, magia di Winx
Dal tuo cuore un potere invincibile
Sei magica, magica
E ti transformerai!
Believix, potere Winx
Se ci credi di luce risplenderai
E ti transformerai
Credici, Credici
Believix, magia di Winx
È nel cuore un potere invincibile
Siamo magiche, magiche
La forza è dentro me!
Siamo noi le magiche (Winx!)
Believix, potere Winx
Si ci credi di luce risplenderai
E ti transformerai
Credici, Credici
Believix, magia di Winx
Dal tuo cuore un potere invincibile
Sei magica, magica
E ti transformerai...e ti transformerai...e ti transformerai!
Believix, potere Winx
Se ci credi di luce risplenderai
E ti transformerai
Credici, Credici
Believix, magia di Winx
È nel cuore un potere invincibile
Siamo magiche, magiche
La forza è dentro me!
Siamo noi le magiche (Winx!)

Thanks to Grace Qute for the lyrics!

More Fanart

Layla Believix by ~Winxclub001 on deviantART

Layla's Believix by ~Qba016 on deviantART

FLora Believix by ~Qba016 on deviantART

Musa Believix by ~Qba016 on deviantART

Roxy's Believix by ~Qba016 on deviantART

Tecna believix by ~Qba016 on deviantART

Tecna Transformation 2.0 by ~Qba016 on deviantART

Tecna Believix by ~Sysla-illustrator on deviantART

Musa believix 4 by ~puffysweetangel on deviantART

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Winx Club: Il Segreto del Regno Perduto

Winx Club: Secret of the Lost Kingdom

For the last couple of weeks, I've been reading the comments of older posts and I keep seeing Lindsay or Grace Qute (I'm not sure) asking for links to the movie. I gave them the link once but I don't know what happened to that.



The English version is an insult to the Winx Club series because they couldn't even get Chatta's name right even though they put slightly better voice actors (I hate Layla's, though). They turned 'Chatta' into 'Chatter' because linguistically, 'chatta' is the verb for 'chat' in Italian--I think (I know that this is true for Spanish). Very bad translation! They even cut out scenes from the Italian! Therefore, I refuse to give you links to the English version. I believe that everything must be seen in their original format--uncut and with the original language! You can thank my brothers for ingraining this trait in me; they're Asian film studies students.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK WinxMania3 FOR POSTING THESE! Unfortunately, he or she couldn't post part 9 because her/his computer got trashed. So, I am using part 9 and 10 posted by winxclublover89. Please give your applause to them. 


Sorry, Kiku, I moved the videos to Winx-Fairies | Movie, my movie page. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pepe, Icy's Duck? Pepe, Musa's Bear?

Remember this duck? I think his name was Pepe. Anyways, um, yeah...What happened to him?!
For those of you who don't remember, this is the duck that hatched out of the egg in Stella's ring box at the end season one, episode three (Alfea College for Fairies/Save the First Dance) from Flora's spell. The witches were trying to steal the Ring of Solaria but that plan backfired when Bloom discovered their plans while looking for a pair of scissors.

Now, this is Musa's pet bear Pepe.
Can you tell me what's wrong here?

Monday, May 25, 2009


Winx Club season four is, as we all know, taking a break. The last episode provided a sort of "happy ending" scenerio for the veiwers, so I can only guess that events will intensify when it picks back up again. Today I'm going to offer a speeculation:

Mitzi and Brandon. They were a really short-lived, unlikely couple. This subplot was unusually unimportant. Seeing as Mitzi appeared as an antagonist in the opening credits, we can only guess that even though her relationship with Brandon is dead, she's not gone for good.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Name That Princess! 4kids-Style

Okay, this has been floating around the blog for a while and I feel that a fight is going to break out if something isn’t done. So, I'm going to clear up the confusion. What is written below sticks with 4kids version of the continuity. This mainly includes Canada, the United States of America, Australia, parts of Asia (Singapore?) and even parts of the United Kingdoms.

Now, what is the difference between 4kids and RAI? Aside from the voice acting, A LOT! Even the stories are completely different but they use the exact same scenes such as season one, episode five (Date with Disaster).

I’m also going to note what realm/dimension they come from. Note the changes when I post Name That Princess! RAI-style later on this week.


Yes! She officially discovered that she was a princess in season one, episode eighteen (Senior Witches Go to Earth) while Icy is giving her ultimatum about how her ancesters have earned their right to the Dragonfire after spending centuries tracking it until they found it on Sparks just before Daphne hid it “inside the heir to the kingdom’s throne, inside you Bloom.” Any other earlier reference, primarily from the Witches, only alluded to her having the power of the Dragonfire and not the fact that she’s a princess. Daphne and Faragonda first started hinting to the fact that Bloom might be a princess or guardian of the Dragonfire in season one, episode fifteen (Pushing the Envelope) with their astral journey to Lake Ethemera (sp?) which turns out to be Lake Fortress of Light or Lake Roccaluci in the RAI version, I think. It’s a minor continuity error, anyways. Moving on.


Yes! She made this extremely clear during season one, episode one (It Feels Like Magic). Proudly hails from Solaria.


No! As far as we know in the 4kids continuity, she has never officially claimed to be a princess or referenced as one. She also claims to hail from Third Moon of Marigold.


Yes! She stated this in season one, episode two (More Than a High School). On another note, it has just occurred to me that this is the only reference to Alfea being a high school and not a college. I guess this means that Bloom is fourteen years old at the beginning of the show if she graduates from Alfea in season four. Musa also claims to hail from the Harmonic Nebula.


No! As far as we know, she has never claimed to be or referenced as one. I will explain this further in Name That Princess! RAI-style for those who are wondering why I keep claiming that Tecna is a princess. If not, you can go back to my previous post entitled ‘
Tecna, the Princess.’ Tecna has stated that she comes from the Binary Galaxy.


Yes! She made this very clear in season two, episode two (Princess of Tides) although it was stated by Bloom just after a commercial break. She claims to come from the Realm of Tides.

Winx Season Four Returns To Italy!

Muchas gracias to Michael's Winx Club NewsPage for enlightening us on the situation of the discontinuation of the forth season of Winx Club! I've attached the post below if you haven't already seen it:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Roxy Images!

Postponed. Awwwwwwwww...

Yep, I've been waiting for it to be comfirmed, and sadly it's true. Winx Club season four is postponed until further notice. Many suspect that it will be months before we get another episode. The reason is as of yet unclear.

So, where does this leave the production of the English version? Will it also be put on hold? Or is it being produced in other languages right now? We can only hope it's the latter. I don't think I'll be able to stand the wait!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Winx Club Dolls

While browsing the Michael's Winc Club News Page, I happened to notice a slight problem with Tecna's outfits.

Notice in the picture above that Tecna is posing in herCity Girls outfit rather than her Love and Pet outfit. And, if you care to look below, she's wearing her Love and Pet outfit.

Also, Roxy is available in her City Girl outfit, and an Artu figure is included. Yay!

Season Four Avatars

Due to popular request, (You know who you are. Hint, hint, princessbloom94) I've decided to post Winx Club avatars. Avatars courtesy of Yokohama.

I beg you to visit Yokohama's Page to see al of her wonderful works!