Sunday, April 12, 2009

Love Triangles for the Girls?


Yes, I've seen it. But, gosh, who would expect it? You don't even know what I'm talking about... Okay, I'll enlighten you. You see, this flyer was floating around the Internet. (See below for said flyer) do you think that maybe the girls will get new guys? Andy (middle), Ryo, and Mark (guy with Stel) are the new guys you'll see in the flyer. According to my info, they have they're own band. Will sparks (no pun there) fly? Just wait and see....


  1. I want sparks to fly between Andy and Bloom to see Sky's reaction but in the end I want Bloom and Sky to marry

  2. Realy I hope that a guy be with musa and riven get angry this could be funny!! bye

  3. I think that the competition will strengthin the bonds between them.

  4. Well I always thought Sky and Bloom had a strong relationship and nothing could ever tear them apart...I guess I was wrong hehe.

    I can see Stella flirting a little more with the guys to make Brandon jealous...but what can he do? They broke up...that would definitely stir something.

    I could also see something happening between Musa and Andy, considering their love for music, but Andy seems more focused on Bloom, so I don't know

    We'll wait and see...

  5. I want Bloom and Sky to be happy and Andy will just make it worse. I LOVE IT!!! On the other hand are Musa and Riven finally gonna breakup, become friends and Musa date the studio producer. Or are they gonna get married with Sky+Bloom and Nabo+Layla/Aisha.

    1. the studio produce aka jason is already married Watch season 4 and nabu died in season 4 and thier is rumors about layla`s new boyfriend

  6. they all break up i talk to the producers!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they pair up like this:

    teca;no one

    is all true i talk to producer througuh letter sent!

  7. Apparently, Andy was also Bloom's boyfriend years ago. Is her old flame ready to steal her heart? (Da-Da-DAAAA!)

  8. By Luna fairy of animals
    brina the couples all stay together exept for Layla and nabu cuz nabu dies, but musa and riven fight
    I wish bloom got back together with Andy
    that anonymus who said she talked 2 the producer liar!!!

  9. ithink that diaspro and sky better

  10. Well i think bloom and sky are perfect for each other and diaspro can back off from sky. And that anonymous person that says they want sparks to fly between bloom and Andy it will never happen because sky and bloom are deeply in love i think because i have watched all the seasons and episodes