Monday, April 13, 2009

Love Test: Bloom and Andy

Dear Bloom and Andy, yours is a bond of iron. For Bloom/Sky fans, the fact that the official site yeids them incompatible is awesome. Que for Diaspro/Sky fans to punch the computer. Note that Stella is also dubbed incompatible according to the "Love Test". I wonder...

*Andy is Bloom's ex-boyfriend who she meets again in season 4.


  1. Sky/Bloom or Sky/Diaspro? Which one are you?


  3. If you're Sky/Diaspro, you should really read Kikurukina Bal Des'Cagel's fanfictions on

  4. Oh my God! Free advertising!!!1!!1!

    By the way, I'm trying to come out with a Andy/Bloom fic called 'Noise' by the end of the month.

    It just occurred to me that at the rate that they're showing episodes (2-3 per week) that the season could be finish by the beginning of summer. 0.o;

    At this point, everyone knows that I love Diaspro/Sky and that I'm trying to convert to Andy/Bloom.

  5. I hate Sky/Diaspro but I think Bloom/Andy would be cute and I'm also a huge Bloom/Sky fan but Sky shouldn't get so jelous all the time over Andy

  6. I'm writing a Bloom/Andy fic, too! I wrote the first chap in fifteen minutes last night, so it'll be posted soon. It's called "First Kiss".

  7. andy's hot but bloom and sky belong together

  8. aw i miss when kikurukina was nice like this!

  9. I say Sky/Bloom.They understand each other so well,so well that no one can ever tear them apart.It's like they're fixed together with super glue.They might have fought.But that is true love.Even though they fight they always get back together.

  10. you guys will get there

  11. andy is her class mate maybe she saw him in the shop of love & pet.

  12. winx siete mitiche vi seguo sempre da genova patrizia

  13. wowowowowowowowowowowowowowwwwwwwww!!

  14. who is ANDY???????????????

  15. Andy is her ex-boyfriend who she meets again in season 4. :D

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