Monday, April 13, 2009

Episode List

Okay, I'm not sure how reliable my source was, but I managed to uncover an episode list of all twenty-six episodes. According to this, the rumour that Stella would die is true! Oh, this is roughly translated, and will probably change with the language transition.

1. The Witches Hit Again
2. Stella and Brandon in the District of Torrenuvola
3. The Death of Stella
4. The Lack of Stella to Bloom (Part One)
5. The Lack of Stella to Bloom (Part Two)
6. The Lack of Stella to Bloom (Part Three)
7. The Resurrection of Stella
8. The Group Meeting
9. The Acquisition of Bloom
10. Dark Bloom!
11. Bloom forever to Torrenuvola
12. Bye Winx Club! (Part One)
13. Bye Winx Club! (part Two)
14. The Return of Bloom
15. Magix to Deluge
16. The Serenity Returns to Magix
17. The Trix become stronger
18. The Winx Become Much Delays Powerful than Ever
19. The Miniaturization of Bloom
20. The Destruction of Torrenuvola
21. Torrenuvola Lost Forever
22. The Witches Alfea
23. The Weakness Icy, Stormy and Darcy
24. Invincibility Fairies of the Six
25. The Defeat of Trix
26. End..

A total bucket of [poop], I must admit!
Winx Club Season Four Retro


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  2. If anyone has any corrections, you know what to do!

  3. Yeah, this was stupid. This episode list is a total dud.

  4. i don`t really think this is true
    but stella dies
    this is a joke?

  5. It's a possible plot, but it doesn't seem likely.


  7. I know! I saw the real one. I saw a couple of episodes in Italian and Stella doesn't die. I watched episode 6 and she is still alive!

  8. the girls are looking cute!!!!love you layla