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Episode List (Real)

"I cacciatori di fate" (The Hunters of Fairies) -April 15, 2009
At the Alfea College the students now have six exceptional teachers: The Winx. However fairies don't realize that some evil wizards, belonging to the "Black Circle", entered the school in order to kidnap Bloom. (They realized Bloom doesn't have the power they needed and let her go.) They don't know that a new mission, never done, is waiting for them.

"L'Albero Della Vita" (The Tree of Life) -April 17, 2009
The Winx find out that the Wizards stole the magic from Earth, and that there is one last fairy that they are looking for. They go to the Pixie Village to ask help from the pixies to find the tree that will guide them to the last fairy. A monster gave nightmares, and seemed unbeatable. But the Winx were able to defeat it. The pixies guide them into the tree, and it tells them that the last fairy is in Gardenia.

"L´ultima Fata della Terra" (The Last Fairy on Earth) -April 20, 2009
The Winx arrives in Gardenia to live with Bloom's adopted parents. The Winx try out many jobs but thanks to Stella they are fired from everyone of them. They also with little help from Flora's magic and a couple of boxes with stuffed animals discovers many new surprising magical friends. With a little help of Vanessa the Winx opens up a pet shop named Love & Pet. Roxy is introduced as a girl with a dog that loves animals and has very powerful magic (that The Winx don´t see).

"Love & Pet" (Love & Pet) -April 22, 2009
Thanks to Tecna's homepage Love & Pet is turning into a success. Bloom meets an old friend named Andy who invites The Winx to the Tutti Frutti Music Bar. The Dark Circle and the Specialists arrives in Gardenia, the specialists to spy on their girlfriend's and The Dark Circle to find the last fairy of Earth. And also Roxy´s Animal Power is revealed.

"Le regalo del Mitzi" (The Present of Mitzi) -April 24, 2009
Mitzi takes one of the magical animals at Love & Pet that without the Winx knowing has became bewitched by the Black Circle. The Specialists tries to fit in on Earth but has some problem doing it. Thanks to the Specialist the Winx captures all the animals that has gone mad. Stella and Brandon breaks up and Mitzi becomes swears to her self that she will have Brandon after he saves her, Bloom and Sky on the other hand reunite after a fight.

"Una Fata in pericolo" (A Fairy in Danger) -April 27, 2009
The Winx finds out that the girl worked at the Tutti Frutti Juice Bar, Roxy is the last fairy of Earth but so those the Black Circle. Brandon and Stella is both very upset because of their break-up but don't wants to show it to another.

"Winx Believix" (Winx Believix) -April 29, 2009
Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, Layla, Roxy and the specialists are finally able to give the Black Circle a real fight. A mysterious blue figure appears and helps Roxy come to terms with her powers. The specialists all get jobs at Tutti Frutti.

"Il Cerchio Bianco" (The White Circle) -May 1, 2009
Roxy and the Winx and Specialist travel to a farm where they are attacked by the Black Circle.

"Nebula" (Nebula) -May 4, 2009
Roxy becomes evil but the Winx is able to cure her. Meanwhile, King Erandor of Eraklyon, Sky's father, arrives on Earth looking for his son but how can they tell him that he is working on the Frutti Music Bar and has sold his family signet ring?

"La canzone di Musa" (The song of Musa) -May 6, 2009
Musa and Riven goes to a recording studio where Musa sings for a record manager that likes her
voice but Riven does not like the record manager, will she record a cd?. While she does that the other Winx and Roxy try to get the people in Gardenia to believe in fairies but not until a fire created by the Black Circle (who Bloom is able to defeat with an explosion) is extinguished and they save a few of the persons living in Gardenia do some of the people living in Gardenia believe in them.

"Winx Club per sempre" (Winx Club forever) -May 8, 2009
The Black Cirlce comes to Roxy's house to steal her power but she hears them and calls the Winx who is able to rescue her. The Winx is out shopping when a alarm goes on and five masked thieves croos their way. The Winx tries to capture them but is unsucessful. Stella and Layla have a fight but makes peace in the end and thanks to Layla The Winx defeats the masked criminals. Roxy dicovers that she can make her dog ArtĂș talk and while doing so her powers comes to live.

"PapĂ ! Sono Una Fata!" (Dad! I am a fairy!) - May 11, 2009
Bloom looks back at her past with her adopted parents, The Black Cirlce is once again on the hunt for Roxy's powers and Roxy earns her Believix.

"L'Attacco Degli Stregoni" (Attack Of The Sorcerers)

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