Tuesday, April 28, 2009

100th Vote!

Yeah, it's taken long enough, but I finally have the 3ooth vote on my poll! As of now, the votes for fave Believix outfit stand at:

100th vote:

Flora in the lead with 36 votes (36%)
Musa and Bloom tied for second, each with 33 votes (33%)
Stella in forth, reaching 26% (26 votes)
Roxy with 19 (19%)
Layla with 18 (18%)
Tecna at the bottom with 17 (gawd, I think you get the picture)

200th vote:

Bloom in the lead with 71 votes (35%)
Musa close behind at 65 votes (32%)
Flora falling behind at 59 votes (29%)
Stella at a mere 43 votes (21%)
Tecna at 39 (19%)
Roxy at 38 (19%)
Layla with a horrible 36 votes out of 200 (18%)

300th Vote:
Bloom kicking butt with a whopping 112 votes (37%)!
Musa nearly knocking Bloom with 91 votes (30%)
Flora going supernova at 79 votes (26%)
Stella holding fort at 62 (20%)
Tecna at 56 (18%)
Roxy at 49 (16%)
Layla at 48 (16%)


  1. I just noticed this now but aren't Flora's wings in the pic above different from the one in the transformation sequence? I mean the transformation has clover shapes on the wings? Am I right or am I imagining things?

  2. Yep, everyone's wing designs have changed to a certain degree. Stella's has stars. Bloom has hearts-veins. Layla's kind of changed keep the decorations simple. Tecna's pretty identical. Musa's took out the swirlies and added a straight line with jewels and the sheer skirt on the wrong side of her hips.

  3. Hmm... that IS odd, but expected. Sorry, I can't say much more, I'm writing (yayaya I can write again!). Thanks!

  4. I love your new picture on your page pretty!

  5. Aw, Tecna's really at the bottom of the poll? Her Believix is my favorite! I love her wings!

  6. I'm guessing you voted for her? :)
    Layla's bottom now.... hope you're happy!

  7. How do u get the HTML to nice? it is beutiful

  8. Thanks :D
    I learned a little from school. Last year we worked with HTML in Information Processing class.

  9. please vote for layla

  10. is it just me, or is Tecna getting uglier every season.